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List of Free Amazon Resources and Tools

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Free Amazon Resources and Tools Starting out selling on Amazon can be a very competitive journey; it’s way too saturated in my opinion. There are too many sellers selling the same products, that trying to compete against these more experienced ones takes too much time, requires a lot of research, needs even better product descriptions…

iPages strengthen their eCommerce offering with latest multi-channel update

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Tuesday 12th September sees the release of iPages v5 Designed and developed by the family-run Khoo Systems Limited, the upcoming iPages update solidifies the iPages eCommerce platform as a strong option for retailers. iPages are the only UK-based platform to combine website front-end design features with extensive eCommerce and multi-channel inventory management functionality. A major…

Maximise Profits When Selling Multi-Channel

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How To Maximise Profits When Selling Across Multiple Channels Consumers nowadays are familiar with seeing brands sold across multiple channels. Whilst not all e-commerce businesses sell on every major channel, there are a growing number who are extending their market reach by offering their products on a range of platforms. We see countless businesses making…

How offline merchants can sell online

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Selling online, especially when you have little or no experience, can be daunting and complicated. The offline space operates very differently from the online world, both in terms of workflow, negotiations and accounting. ● When dealing with people online, you can never be sure of the person you are talking with, and how credible they…