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Tips For Canton Fair In China

Discussion in 'China Sourcing' started by sukkilee, Feb 15, 2017.

  1. sukkilee


    Feb 7, 2017
    The annual Guangzhou Fair is approaching, it starts at middle of April. I have been to Ganton Fair few times and HK Expo many times. I want to give some tips for anyone who is first time go to Canton Fair. Canton fair have 3 phases, every phase is 5 days, the last phase have less people, not too crowed.

    1. Transportation: there is subway directly to there, the subway stop is PAZHOU exit D, but during the expo there are so many people there, you will need wait over 100 meters line just get into the subway station. Taxi is hard to get but not too bad just don’t leave at the end of EXPO, try to leave earlier half an hour at least before the end.

    2. Guangzhou Fair is really big, be sure to wear a pair of comfortable shoes

    3. Exhibition permit: better get the permit before. If you want to get one at the fair, it will take at least one hour to fill the form and waiting the line.

    4. Language: most companies attend the fair will have sales people be able to communicate with you in English, some will not speak good English, so you might considering an interpreter.

    5. Food: there are some Chinese restaurants KFC, Mcdonald’s at the fair, food is just ok.

    6. Things to do after fair

    · first of all, have some Guangzhou Dim Sum. Every time I go to Guangzhou I always go to have some , Guangzhou has the best Dim sum, it is better and cheaper than HK. I know few restaurant is really good. If u are interested, u can ask me.

    · Canton Tower, this tower close to GZH fair too, it looks so beautiful at night and if u go to top of this building u can see most part of downtown Guangzhou.

    · Pearl river night Cruise: have the beautiful night view of Pearl river , u can have dinner at the restaurants by the river too.

    · Bars, there are 3 famous bar streets , at Binjiang Lu, Huanshi Lu and Bai’e Lu, but if you want to know which one is better I am not sure, I don’t go there:)

    here is the website,u can check here for more information: ******************************************
  2. Cody


    Feb 17, 2016
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  3. sukkilee


    Feb 7, 2017

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