Business Spotlight: Exclusive Interview with Khaos Control Cloud

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Every event we have attended so far this year, Khaos Cloud have been there. Their team spirit is infectious and motivation to offering solutions to their customers is commendable. We have worked closely with Khaos Control Cloud over the last 6 months and have interviewed Jason Thickpenny (Business Development Manager) to give you an opportunity to learn about them too.

10 Best Tools for Small Business Owners

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10 Best Tools for Small Business Owners Running a small business, or a startup business, can be a very daunting process, especially if it's your first time doing so. There's so much you need to plan research for when the time comes. You have a lot of competition you're up against, there's financial costs and…

10 Point Checklist For Selling Online

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Checklist to Selling Online   1)   Decide on what to sell 2)   Research competition and niche 3)   Register business name 4)   Purchase domain URL 5)   Develop website user/mobile friendly templates 6)   Include About, Store information, contact details 7)   Add products and payment options to site 8)   Focus on SEO 9)   Organize shipping 10)  Focus on…

SourceMogul Online Arbitrage Launch: SAAS software for Amazon sellers to source products

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To celebrate the launch of its powerful eCommerce stock sourcing software, SourceMogul is offering a reduced lifetime subscription to its first 50 UK and 50 US users. SourceMogul lets Amazon sellers find pricing differences between the eCommerce giant and hundreds of other retailers, like Walmart in the USA and Tesco in the UK. Sellers can then source products…

Top 5 eCommerce Shipping Tips

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eCommerce Shipping - The top 5 tips for any beginner Having been in the industry now for over 3 years and growing up with the eCommerce revolution, I want to dispel some myths, give some advice and some general information about the considerations you should make when shipping eCommerce products. Here are 5 tips for…

GS1UK – Press Release – Retailers to provide clear product info before Christmas or lose customers

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Headline figures: 91% adults in Britain consider it important to view product information before buying Christmas gifts online If consumers saw that product information was missing while purchasing gifts online, 56% would consider not using that online seller and go to a competitor RETAILERS ADVISED TO PROVIDE CLEAR PRODUCT INFORMATION OR RISK LOSING CUSTOMERS BEFORE…