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Business Spotlight: Exclusive Interview with Khaos Control Cloud

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Every event we have attended so far this year, Khaos Cloud have been there. Their team spirit is infectious and motivation to offering solutions to their customers is commendable. We have worked closely with Khaos Control Cloud over the last 6 months and have interviewed Jason Thickpenny (Business Development Manager) to give you an opportunity to learn about them too.

10 Point Checklist For Selling Online

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Checklist to Selling Online   1)   Decide on what to sell 2)   Research competition and niche 3)   Register business name 4)   Purchase domain URL 5)   Develop website user/mobile friendly templates 6)   Include About, Store information, contact details 7)   Add products and payment options to site 8)   Focus on SEO 9)   Organize shipping 10)  Focus on…

Top 5 eCommerce Shipping Tips

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eCommerce Shipping - The top 5 tips for any beginner Having been in the industry now for over 3 years and growing up with the eCommerce revolution, I want to dispel some myths, give some advice and some general information about the considerations you should make when shipping eCommerce products. Here are 5 tips for…

iPages strengthen their eCommerce offering with latest multi-channel update

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Tuesday 12th September sees the release of iPages v5 Designed and developed by the family-run Khoo Systems Limited, the upcoming iPages update solidifies the iPages eCommerce platform as a strong option for retailers. iPages are the only UK-based platform to combine website front-end design features with extensive eCommerce and multi-channel inventory management functionality. A major…

Amazon Counterfeit Products – How to Avoid Buying Fake Goods

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Avoid Amazon Counterfeit Products Amazon, and other marketplaces recently have seen a rise in counterfeit products being sold across its platforms. And although the likes of Amazon and eBay are obviously trying to crack down on counterfeit products being sold in their marketplace, it’s still apparent that this will take some time to achieve. It…