Community Insights: Now and the Path Ahead – International Selling & Tax

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Give us a quick over view in your words of Simply VAT and what you do? specialises in international VAT for e-commerce businesses. We help businesses of any size comply with their international tax obligations throughout Europe, Canada, Australia and Japan.   And how have the past months been for you?  Although a challenging time worldwide, the e-commerce industry has seen relative…

Product Pricing: Should your website prices be cheaper than your eBay and Amazon prices?

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The bottom line of selling online is that the more venues your products are available through, the more sales you will have the opportunity of making and ultimately this means more profit for you. With multiple venues comes a small dilemma though, and that is one of pricing issues. I often receive emails from people…

Trade Finance 101

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Dealing with manufacturers and suppliers abroad is not without risk. This is one of the reasons why the vast majority of buyers use trade finance to fund their overseas purchases and allow them to trade more confidently.