Free Amazon Keyword Research Tools and Resources

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Free Amazon Keyword Research Tools and Resources

Here's a great one for the Amazon community. Starting out selling on Amazon can be a very competitive journey; it’s way too saturated in my opinion.

There are too many sellers selling the same products, that trying to compete against these more experienced ones takes too much time, requires a lot of research, needs even better product descriptions and images, and the use of keywords to rank highly in the results.

How do you though become fully equipped with the knowledge to tackle all these sorts of issues, and work towards building a successful Amazon Business account? You could most likely join the online Amazon community for all the help and advice you need, or you could do it yourself....

Experience of course is one of the most important elements in bettering your knowledge on a particular subject and topic.

Although, getting a head start of others, and utilizing the available tools and resources you have right at your fingertips is the first start to this success.

Below are a list of free Amazon keyword research tools and resources for you to trial, research and test.

Amazon Resources – A free tool (although only free for the US) helps to find smarter Amazon buyer keywords. – A great free resource site offering up some amazing advice and guides on how to sell on Amazon. – All-in-one Asin lookup tool for Amazon sellers. – A free online tool to help Amazon sellers to lookup ASIN and UPC, as well as convert from and to ASIN. – A tool that shows Amazon sellers how much their products sell for on other marketplaces. The free plan allows you to search one product at a time. – free Chome extension to analyse price history ranking, price drops and more.

CamelCamelCamel – Very similar to – tracks pricing.

Unicorn Smasher – A Chrome extension allowing you to perform product researches on Amazon pages, listing ranking, reviews, rating, and more.

Sonar – Sonar is a free Amazon keyword research tool with over 72 million keywords, top search volumes and data from real customer search queries.

JungleScout – A free tool to analyse monthly sales volume on any products.

MySilentTeam – A free resource website showing the Hottest Categories on eBay as of November 2017, along with various other resources.

FBA Revenue Calculator – A free Amazon Seller Central tool that shows “real-time cost comparisons between your fulfillment and our offering for customer orders fulfilled on”


There are obviously a lot more tools and resource guides on there, however with this helping start hopefully you’ll be on your way to becoming a great Amazon seller. Are there any other links or tools and resources you can add to this list?