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The Indian Connection

Discussion in 'Business Directory' started by Jenilee, Jan 11, 2018.

The Indian Connection
01752 698101
Wholesale Unit 3, Central Court
Central Avenue Lee Mill Industrial
Ivybridge Devon
PL21 9PE
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  1. Jenilee


    Aug 24, 2010
    We are a well established wholesaler of all things Indian. All of our goods are imported directly from India where we have a policy of buying only from small scale producers who we have visited personally. We visit at least twice a year. We believe in the policy of fair trade and always paying a fair price for goods rather than forcing artificially low prices!! We also feel very passionate about recycling and the use of unnecessary packaging, therefore unlike some wholesalers we do not use fancy packaging to sell a product, wherever possible all of our packing material has either been reused or recycled. In addition to this our new warehouse is fitted with solar panels to further reduce our carbon footprint! We supply independent gift shops, market traders, tourist attractions, garden centres, ebayers and department stores. We wholesale to every area in the UK as well as Ireland and Europe and very recently to the USA and Australia. We also have a retail arm of the business that enables us to keep up with the needs of customers as well as the latest trends. We are happy to advise our wholesale customers on recommended retail prices if required. The Indian Connection is strictly a trade only business and our prices are set accordingly.
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