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Discussion in 'UK Wholesaler Directory' started by WCUK, Nov 22, 2017.

Phone: +44 (0)330 113 1636
Location: Unit N Waterside Estate, 25-27 Willis Way, Poole Dorset, BH15 3TD
Website: https://www.wholesaleclearance.co.uk/
Page links: WCUK Ex-Catalogue, WCUK On Sale, WCUK Auctions
Contact: Contact Us


Customers tend to be eBay and internet traders, car boot sellers, market traders, shop owners and party planners.

TWF Contact:

Categories Listed Under: Fashion

  1. WCUK


    Jun 26, 2008
    Stock Only the Best Brands with Wholesale Ex-Chain Store Clothes

    Your retail outlet can rival a high street store when it stocks all the best quality items from big chain store names. At Wholesale Clearance we have a wide range of job lots which contain ex-chain store clothing previously sold on the UK high street.

    Many customers have their favourite high street stores. These are the stores that they will go to time and time again, when they need wardrobe basics, a special outfit or simply feel like treating themselves to something new.

    However, if a customer can buy their favourite high street brands elsewhere for much less, then they are likely to shop where they find the best value for their money.

    Wholesale Clearance can offer retailers great prices on wholesale ex-chain store clothes, as we have great contacts in the clothing industry which enables us to pick up surplus stock, past season items, bankrupt stock and clearance items from some of the best know high street names.

    You can buy job lots with confidence from Wholesale Clearance as we only offer genuine branded items of the highest quality. This means that you can build a reputation as a great retailer to go to for top quality, low price, high street branded clothing.

    Once your customers realise that they can find their favourite high street brands, only cheaper, from you, they’ll be happy to transfer their store loyalty to your retail outlet; and your shop, ebay store or market stall will be one that they return to time and again.

    Save a Small Fortune on Wholesale Ex-Catalogue Clothing

    As a retailer, browsing around the Wholesale Clearance website you may begin to wonder how we manage to offer such amazingly low prices on the best quality branded goods.

    Don’t worry – it’s certainly not a case of ‘too good to be true’ at Wholesale Clearance. We have contacts in the clothing industry which means that we are able to get hold of fantastic wholesale ex-catalogue clothing at a fraction of its original price.

    The fashion industry is a fast moving one, and catalogues need to change their stock every season – or even as often as every half season. This means that their range has a very limited shelf life, but not because it is poor quality or even outdated – simply because they need to make space to sell their newer clothing ranges.

    Wholesale Clearance can take advantage of this fact and purchase catalogue surplus stock, which may still be in season and in style, and sell it on to you at heavily slashed prices.

    In turn, you can then pass great discounts on to your customers, meaning that they are getting fantastic branded goods, the likes of which they may have noticed in their catalogues previously, at much more affordable prices.

    Our amazing industry contacts put us in a great position to be able to snap up wholesale ex-catalogue clothing quickly, meaning that you can strike while the iron is hot when it comes to fashion trends, seasonal favourites and in vogue brands and designers.
  2. WCUK


    Jun 26, 2008
    Thanks for dropping by our directory posting. If you have any questions at all relating to your potential order, you can drop me an email at sales@wholesaleclearance.co.uk or call me on 01202 668817 or send a text to 07837 060911.

    We can also see if there are any deals, discounts or free stock promotions available. So, when you are ready to order, comment on this thread or contact me by email or phone (as below) and I will be happy to help.

    Kind Regards
    Andy White
    01202 668817 (Mon - Fri 9am to 5pm)
    07837 060911 (if no answer leave a voicemail or send a text)
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