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Offer Ended/Closed 43 in 1 Hi Speed 480Mbps USB 2.0 Multislot Card Reader Writer All In One

Discussion in 'Computers & Electronics' started by wonderfulwholes, Jul 8, 2009.

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  1. wonderfulwholes

    wonderfulwholes Banned Member

    Jun 12, 2009


    43 in 1 Hi Speed 480Mbps USB 2.0 Multislot Card Reader Writer All In One 1 year Warranty

    The expert of USB
    Special Manufacture of USB

    Product features:
    l Support SD, MMC, RS-MMC, Mini SD, T-Flash, MS/MS PRO, MS Duo/ MS PRO Duo, M2
    l Mini SD, T-Flash, M2 use without adapter
    l Easy plug and play installation device
    l No external power needed
    l LED light clew read and write state
    l Slim size, easy for carry
    l Up to 480MB/ s accessibility speed
    l USB version 2.0 specification
    l Support windows 98/ 98SE? ME/ 2000/ XP/ Vista/ Mac OS X 9.0 and Linus 2.4 later version

    Product Specification:
    l Power supply C+5 volts supplied by USB port
    l Unit size:85*45*16mm
    l Support transfrate:High-Speed(480Mbps),Full-Speed(12Mbps),Low-Speed(1.5Mbps)

    OS Required:
    l Microsoft Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP/Vista
    l Linux 2.4 or Later
    l Apple Mac OS 8.6 or Later

    l Secure Digital
    l Secure Digital – ultra
    l Secure Digital – compatible
    l Secure Digital – Pro
    l Secure Digital – ultra II
    l Secure Digital – ultra II plus
    l Secure Digital – Pleomax
    l Secure Digital – Pro Compatible
    l Secure Digital – Extreme III
    l Secure Digital – Ultra X
    l Secure Digital – Turbo
    l Secure Digital – Super
    l Secure Digital – Max
    l Mini SD
    l Mini SD Pro
    l Mini SD – Pleomax
    l Muiti Media Card 1GB
    l Muiti Media Card – Pleomax
    l High Speed Multi Media Card
    l Muiti Media Card – Plus (8 bit)
    l Muiti Media Card – Plus Turbo
    l RS MMC
    l RS MMC – Pleomax
    l RS MMC – Speed
    l RS MMC – Max
    l MMC – Pro
    l MMC Mobile
    l MMC Mobile – Pro Compatible
    l MMC Mobile – Podetnet
    l SDHC

    Stock Status:
    Enough in stock for all models

    Quantity Available:
    Enough in stock for all models

    200 units (Different colors can be mixed on request)
    Available colors: Black, Red and Silver

    Location of the Stock:
    Our warehouse in Hong Kong/ China (depend on where the stock are available and shipping charge lowest for clients)

    Price per Unit: 2.5 GBP each

    Payment Methods:
    PayPal or banker draft
    Money transfer

    Ps: No VAT/ tax charges

    Shipping Methods:
    1. EMS(customers need to email us confirm your destination postage beforehand) Delivery may take up to 14-20 working days (worldwide), please email us in case you didn't receive the item within this timeframe.
    2. We suggest double registered post (seller and buyer request to sign up to proof sending and received)
    3. Ship worldwide
    4. Tracking information will be provided after item dispatched
    5. Item will ship out within 3 working days when the payment was cleared.

    Seller Liabilities:
    1. Strong packing
    2. Buyer receive products as described
    3. Our responsibility is making sure your package arrival on our time period.
    4. Send as in gift package

    Images & video
    Images: http://www.mypicx.com/07082009/usb/

    Contact Details:
    Email: **********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************
    QQ: 435224360
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