Stock Offer 7x TOSHIBA BMS-CM1280FTLE Compliant Manager Central Remote Control Unit

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    Apr 3, 2012

    TOSHIBA BMS-CM1280FTLE Compliant Manager Central Remote Control Unit

    Stock Status: Physical
    Stock Location: Whitstable Kent
    Payment Methods: PayPal / Bank Transfer.
    Shipping Info: Free UK Shipping.
    Buyer Liabilities: Take All.

    • Unit Price: 1000
    • Quantity: 7
    • MOQ: 7
    Brand New TOSHIBA BMS-CM1280FTLE

    We have 7 of these which have been in storage, we are looking to sell them all together at £7000 Including VAT and Delivery to UK, these have a very high retail price on them.

    All stock is brand new please see the pictures of the exact items.

    Free UK Shipping

    Any Questions Please ASK!

    Central remote control for up to 128 indoor units incl. PC control via LAN network (Internet Explorer)

    Incl. Weekly clock with 32 switching times (10 per day)

    Incl. Energy billing software (energy monitoring interface BMS-IFWH4E2 + kWh counter on site + PC with Excel required on site)

    It is connected directly to the TCC-Link bus of the S-MMS system.


    • ON OFF
    • operating mode
    • ENTERED. temperature
    • Fan Speed.
    • Louver
    • error message
    • filter

    • ON / OFF + operating mode
    • Temperature selection + valve. Gesch.
    • Louver
    • Reset filter message
    • Individual operation
    • Ind. Operation in the zone
    • Master operation
    • + Weekly clock: 32 switching times
    • + 10 switching times per day
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