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    May 21, 2012
    Aslamo Alikum. This is a hugely requested post. Since, i decided to share my knowledge with people, there have been a lot of requests and there have been so many questions. But almost 99 percent people have same question.

    I have never earned a single penny online, but still teach me how do i earn money online

    So here i am going to try my best to tell you all the resources that are the steps that any now successful entrepreneur took.

    First of all consider online money making is divided in following categories.

    1 – Ecommerce (you sell products online)

    2 – Blogging (you earn money through advertising)

    3 – Freelance (Here you sell your knowledge to people who need it)

    A secret tip

    4 – Social media

    Unfortunately, if you are from pakistan then this would be very challenging for you to earn money through e commerce as there are not much facilities provided to pakistani people. And total blame for that goes to pakistani government.

    Want to why ? Click here

    Now lets jump back to our main topic.

    1. eCommerce

    Lets first get started by dissecting Ecommerce & understand what it is and how could you use this.

    Selling products online is simply called eCommerce.

    If you have very less investment & want to start with very less money. I suggest you to go into ecommerce. e Commerce can be very fruitful for you. I would not recommend you to create your own website to sell products at start. First of all register on following market places to sell your products. These market places would give you sales for sure, if your products are good.

    • eBay
    • Amazon
    • Wish.com
    • Cdiscount.com (French online market place)
    It is very important that you try to register on as many market places as possible. Above 4 are the market places which i have personally tried and did make money out of them. eBay and amazon are the biggest market places so even if you are not able to register on wish.com and cdiscount.com you should register on eBay and Amazon and start selling on both of them right from the beginning.

    There is a reason i am telling you why to sell on multiple market places at a time. The reason is even if you start off simply on ebay, you would start making money within 2-4 months specially if you start in between august-december then there are a lot of chances you will somehow find your feet. Because near christmas it goes crazy on eBay and Amazon. But, i have to tell you surviving on eBay and Amazon is not that easy.

    They have a lot of expectations from you. And as soon as you start making little mistakes they would suspend your account permanently. and dont think you could start selling again by using fake names etc. Because they will keep detecting and keep banning you until you decide to leave them eventually. This is why i suggest you that you sell on as many online marketplaces as possible from the start. This way your chances of survival are very high.

    Once you have done all above i suggest you to get you personal website ready asap. List products on it. Do the initial seo yourself. Make sure you buy .com domain. When choosing a domain keep in your mind not to choose a domain which is related to a certain category like johnjewellery.com instead i suggest you to use a domain which suites for all product types. Because once you start growing you will explore new categories and your audience would keep growing and it would become mix audience which comes from various countries so that time you would have to take decision of changing your domain to .com domain and changing the name to a name which is suitable for all kind of categories.

    Use these websites to learn about online selling

    These are the websites where you will get any kind of information relating to online selling. I have personally used these platforms to learn when i was a newbie just like you & i was able to find every kind of information i needed. I recommend you to join as many forums as possible.

    2. Blogging


    Blog writing is where you share your personal thoughts or knowledge with your readers and this way you grow you your audience. If you notice in blogs there are ads showing in different places on a page, once you click them they will open in new tab.

    You would want your fans or readers to click on those ads. You get paid when anyone clicks those ads.

    How do you start start a blog free of charge ?

    Well there are different free ways to create a free blog. You either register on wordpress.com blogspot or similar companies. You can find a lot free companies online free of charge. Writing blogs and making money through it can be tiresome and a long process. Because you first have to build your readership only then you would be able to get enough clicks which would give you money. I highly recommend you not to be discouraged if you decide to blog.

    Whatever you decide to do it would need a lot of hardwork, patience and research. So, just keep writing. With time you would certainly start seeing results.

    3 – Freelance


    This is probably the most suitable option for most of the people. As its relatively easier to start and relatively easier to start earning money. In freelancing you do not have to invest any kind of money.

    So question is what is freelancing and how you start it.

    Freelancing is selling your expertise or any kind of talent you have. Now there are so many companies who are looking for people for smaller projects.

    For example, if you know how to use adobe photoshop then you could be hired for logo designing or any other different design work.

    If you are willing to start working as a freelancer then first thing you need to do is that you make a note of anything in which you are good. And also go on these websites and check what kind of work other businesses are posting for and kind of jobs they are offering.

    The following websites are the top websites to find freelance work. I also always use these websites to hire people too.

    If you are from pakistan, Make sure you apply for your payoneer account because thats where you would receive your payments.

    4 – Social Media


    I would regard this one as totally a different category. Social media is where you can earn good amount of money.

    If you have not started using social media for your busines then you certainly should start doing it asap.

    Facebook is so far the biggest platform to make money. Then comes youtube.com and then i would recommend using Instagram and Pinterest.

    i would classy the following top social media platforms which you should start using as soon as possible

    • Facebook
    • Youtube
    • Instagram
    • Pinterest
    • Twitter
    So these is pretty much it to be honest. These are the platforms which everyone uses and will use as their first steps in future. Do not forget success lies in hard work, to succeed you will have to explore different options and keep doing it. You will only fail if you stop struggling. So never stop struggling, learning and exploring the new options.

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