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New Feature Advertiser How To: Create a Stock Offer

Discussion in 'Forum Support & Feedback' started by Erik, May 18, 2015.

  1. Erik


    Sep 26, 2012
    Hello Everyone,

    Since there is a new way to list your products in our marketplace as indicated in our announcement, here is a short how-to in filling the required details.


    1. Stock Status - This is where you indicate how you handle the stock. Is it physically available in your office / warehouse, or is the stock being brokered somewhere else?

    2. Stock Location - In here, please indicate the actual place, city, or country the stock will be coming from.

    3. Stock Quantity - Indicate how many do you currently have on stock and available for sale.

    4. Unit Price - Indicate the price per unit in this field. Note that currency symbols are allowed, so do not forget to include the currency!

    5. MOQ - Indicate the minimum quantity required to purchase the stock. It is important that the Stock Quantity, Price, and MOQ are required to be placed in order to list your item!

    6. Price by Quantity - For items with different price tiers per quantity, indicate them all here in a [Quantity - Price] format. Feel free to include multiple price tiers on your offer!

    7. Payment Methods - Include all the payment methods you accept here

    8. Shipping Info - Provide the details on how will you ship the items, the courier you use, and how long will it take to arrive to the buyer if known.

    9. Buyer Liabilities - Are there other liabilities the buyer must know? Is VAT included? Does the buyer need to handle shipping charges? Indicate all other important things buyers need to know here.

    10. Contact Info - Want buyers to contact you for more details? Include your contact info here such as your email, Skype, even your Phone Number. This item is optional and may not be filled up if you want to make transactions within the forums.

    11. Take All Price - For those who would like to offer their whole stock under one price, please indicate the price here.

    12. Quality Check Passed - Please check this item to certify that your products are safe for use and has passed quality and safety checks as required by UK law. This check is required and visible only in certain sections of the marketplace.

    13. Authenticity - This check certifies that you are aware that the stock you are offering is authentic and are willing to provide staff with documents for checking if required for investigation, or that the stock you are offering is unbranded and are legal to sell in the UK. You only need to check one of the two items to successfully list.

    14. Post Body - From here you will be able to include other details of your stock, such as describing your stock, including some images, and other items buyers need to know about your product.

    Upon filling up the items above, your offer will look like this in the marketplace:


    Please note that you will not be able to post your offer if you miss any of the required items. As mentioned in our announcement, this will be the new standard in posting offers in our marketplace to provide all the necessary information to all possible buyers and also to have uniformity in all offers in the marketplace.

    How about Stocklists?

    We are aware that we have a few advertisers who regularly post stocklists for buyers to view / download. For these threads, we have created a new section in the marketplace to accept lists without the need to flll up the items above.

    Questions? Suggestions?

    Have a question in using the new system? Have suggestions to improve the system? Do not hesitate to reply to this thread or contact us!
  2. beacon hill

    beacon hill

    Jun 28, 2010
    Excellent template that should give buyers more confidence
    There are too many very vague descriptions on this forum
  3. beacon hill

    beacon hill

    Jun 28, 2010
    OK, I take the above back
    Seems (some) sellers are filling in the boxes incorrectly

    Example - The payment method, MOQ, Buyer liabilities boxes are being filled in with
    more info about the product rather than the required info as asked by Erik
    Once again leaving the buyer having to guess where the stock is located , payment method, if VAT is included etc etc

    I keep thinking about coming back as an advertiser. But would like to see a level playing field with all sellers.
    Admitted, anything new like this will have teething problems for a period
  4. Erik


    Sep 26, 2012
    Thanks @beacon hill for the feedback.

    I haven't noticed this one yet (I just started shift today), so I'll have a look. Definitely we want all advertisers to have a level playing field in the marketplace and it is very important to give the information needed for the sake of everyone viewing the offer.

    However, the system is limited, and we cannot filter it to force a field to, for example, let "Buyer Liabilities" to only accept "VAT". We can however, improve the system further, say make the buyer liabilities option a check box where advertiser may choose the options (VAT, shipping handled by buyer, etc), although I may not be able to complete that on my own and will need all advertisers' suggestions on what to add.

    Alernatively for now, moderators and staff may be able to modify the information given to match the whole stock offer, and again issue warnings (with immediate closure) if the info is lacking. This of course, would depend if it could be considered fair to all advertisers.

    Suggestions to make this system better are welcome, and we'll adjust it to everyone's liking until we get to reach an agreeable setting.

    EDIT: The changes in the setting (I forgot to mention) does not affect previous offers, but will only affect offers that were made after the settings were applied. I am trying to adjust some of the previous offers to the new system but not everyone has all the required info to successfully edit the thread.
  5. Adam@ActiveUK


    Nov 4, 2015
    Does anyone know how to delete or edit Stock offers especially where price, MQO is, can edit title, and body of text, but not the specific details regarding MQO, Vat, Quantity.
    Many thanks
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