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Discussion in 'Start-ups & Business Advice' started by Beav, Jun 2, 2018.

  1. Beav


    May 13, 2018
    Hi guys,

    I am currently making the most of the spend £25 and get £75 free credit with google ads. I have my website setup and products added. It is more of a general tech store and not a tight niche at all compared to some.

    Would I be best off running different campaigns for different items or focus on one item at a time? From the research I have done I have seen people setup different ad groups but for the same item then if they find certain keywords are costing to much/not converting they will remove that keyword. I have researched top selling items etc so I know the items do sell but for me its obviously getting them in front of the correct audience with the correct price.

    Can anyone pease advise?

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  2. Cody


    Feb 17, 2016
    It really depends where you to want to focus on to be honest.

    You can do either, depending on your end goal.

    Do you want to focus on selling your best product to gain more overall sales/ revenue, or set up campaigns for many products to perhaps broadened the horizon and sell even more, or risk setting up that many campaigns to make nothing in return?

    That's how you need to look at it. You can't be sure whether you're actually going to do well on AdWords.

    I'd begin by looking at competitors. You can do this by simply placing the keywords of your product into Google, and having a look at the first AdWords campaign that pops up - try this for other products and related keywords and variation also - and take note of how it's being presented, what is included, what keywords are being used, and the text layout.

    It is normal to create various ad groups focusing on singular product using a variation of LSI keywords. LSI keywords are variations of the keyword typed into Google - this can also mean using total different text and keywords layout - reaching a wider audience.

    Head to Google, type the keyword in, look towards the bottom at related keywords, and there you have variation based on the original keyword typed in.

    You can then create a new ad group with newer and long-tailed text based on these alone. a new ad group isn't a bad idea at all.

    In order to get lower CPC obviously take a look at Google Keyword Planner - type the keyword in, type in variations, and look at the results that generate:

    - A high search result
    - Low CPC (Cost per Click)
    - Low competition

    If you choose a keyword from the list that has high competition and high CPC then you're just wasting money and will up against tons of competitors. More competition normally means lower search results.

    Over time, perhaps one week, look at your campaigns and remove any keywords not performing as you'd like. That means keywords coming up too expensive and not converting/ generating enough revenue.

    You'll also want to look at setting variations of the same ad group/ campaign (think A/B testing) to see which ad group is performing better based on keywords chosen and text input. This will then allow you to pause the low performing campaign, and focus on the best performing.

    Hope this helps!
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