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Advice if you've been ripped off!

Discussion in 'Bad Supplier Experiences' started by guru4us, Jul 12, 2005.

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  1. guru4us


    Apr 3, 2005
    Do Not Waste Time. Speed is of essence when it comes to this.

    I suggest you do all or atleast some of the following:

    1) File a police report in his town of residence. Just call them up, and tell them exactly what happened.

    2) I do not know much about small claims court, but they can supposedly help. If anyone knows more about this, please post here

    3) Finally, use some of the services on the Internet to find out his home address. Write a stern letter stating that if things are not resolved by a certain time, then you will immediately take legal action to the maximum extent of the law. Remind him that of the crimes for which he may face punishment, as well as the legal liability that they face. Remind them that you have every right to sue.

    4) Send out a copy of every report you have filed with the police and court. Send it to the fraudster (by certified mail of course, so you have proof of delivery). Be aggressive.

    Also consider this: If you lost say £5000, I'm sure if you fly into his city or drive up there personally, go to the local police station, get an officer to accompany you to his home, showing them the letters and reports -- Things can and will change.

    Good luck!

    PS: if anyone knows the course of action to take when you receive fake goods, please post here and let everyone know! I'm sure there must be a procedure in place..
  2. MustHaveMobiles

    MustHaveMobiles Community Moderator

    May 12, 2005
    Trading Standards is probably the best place to go for advice on fake goods, if they are not interested I am sure they can point you towards someone that will be.

    Regards, sending a letter (or email) try something like the following : (reposted, ebay related but just cahnge the words)

    Hi sorry to bother you again but I am now concerned you may have defrauded me via ebay transaction # XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.

    I would appreciate a reply to this mail straight away, I must warn you that failure to do so will result in the following actions:

    I will commence a fraud case with ebay
    I will contact XXXXXXXXX to have your email account revoked
    I will contact your bank (who cashed the cheque)
    I will file a police report with XXXXXX constabulary
    I will commence a small claims case in the magistrates court, and ask that a bailiff be sent to your address to recover the money, or goods to that value, I may also ask for your bank to be involved, which may result in your funds being frozen.

    If there has been a genuine problem then I ask you contact me ASAP to avoid the above actions. As you can tell from the above comments I am a soar loser, and will pursue this matter even if it costs me more than I spent on the XXXXXXX. So it would be advisable to either return my money, or send me the goods.


  3. Anthony


    Oct 17, 2004
    Great post from both of you.

    Would advise pinning it so that all members can take advantage on this thread.

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