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Discussion in 'Start-ups & Business Advice' started by Ethan123, Oct 3, 2017.

  1. Ethan123


    Oct 3, 2017
    Hello, I'm looking into starting a new wholesale buissness. Selling automotive parts and accessories. I could do with advise in where to start, I have created a draft website linked below:-


    If you have any critiques or any advice for improvement on the website please let me know. I would also like some advise as to whether to go down which pathway, as an example selling manufacturers products or reselling in bulk at a discounted overall price from the manufacturer. Many thanks.
  2. Srialto


    Jun 7, 2017
    Hey Ethan, You need to list your business on different local directory, business list websites and run some ads on classified sites. Also services suppliers platforms are very important this is the place where local service provider and user meet and share requirements.
  3. Cody


    Feb 17, 2016
    First thing, your site doesn't appear to be optimized for mobiles. This can be fixed in Wix.

    Secondly, I understand it's a shop for car parts and accessories? However, what is your USP - why should I shop on this website and not your competitor who not alone has their own unique domain (URL), but also an 'about' page.

    If I was a customer I'd want to know more about your company.
  4. Erik


    Sep 26, 2012
    Hello Ethan,

    In normal circumstances, we remove these kinds of posts due to (showing your site) this being a form of promoting your website and only allow it if you get 20 posts or more. I do feel however that your inquiry is innocent so showing your link to everyone else :).

    As I can see, you are still using a subdomain from Wix. I would assume though that eventually after going through the layout of the site and finally starting out, you'd be using a paid domain. But do not forget about that! Once done with the site, go for a paid domain. No one will trust you if you play cheap on the website.

    I like the name too. Otopar.... a good play on "auto parts". Catchy indeed ;).

    As for the design itself, I cannot say much as I think it's not yet fully done. I believe try to post in some items first so we could see what would they look like (like a sample product that you just made up). That's only so people could see whether your shop would look fine overall. As for the homepage, I think your thumbs for products (the Must Have Items) seem a bit too big? I was thinking that maybe you could stack in squares there instead, and maybe fill it up with 3 or 4 product thumbs, spanning to 2 rows (total of 8 thumbs). That's just my 2 pence though.

    As for the business itself..... I was wondering if you (specifically thinking budge-wise) can handle such a broad market? You say auto parts and accessories, nevermind the accessories, but for parts, you might need to source a lot especially there are numerous makes and models out there. If you source them all (buying wholesale) I am thinking you might be spending a ton of money for items that we cannot guarantee when will they be cleared out and earn a profit.

    I think you could go still on a wholesale route, but start small. Do car accessories first. Most of these are universal items anyway, and that "use for any car" tag will mean that auto owners of any make/model can purchase from you. Some accessories are cheap too, which can possibly give you a quicker turnaround.

    Anyway, all the best in your business!
  5. liamhawes


    Apr 19, 2010
    Am I the only one who finds Wix a pain in the *** to use? I've helped my girlfriend's brother out with his website that uses Wix a few times now and it just seems much harder to use with a lot fewer options available in the form of apps etc compared to competitors.

    I like the name of the site. You may want to make sure the domain you want is available before picking a name etc and lock it down. If you get my drift ;)
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