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Alibaba Gold Member Scam

Discussion in 'Bad Supplier Experiences' started by robbobb, Jul 29, 2007.

  1. robbobb


    Jul 21, 2007
    I have just been scammed out of $1100 on www.alibaba.com by a Gold Member. I have dealt and still deal with 2 genuine Alibaba sellers, so I do know that there are decent guys out there in China.

    The details of the name of the scam person I sent money to was Deyou Chen in Putian City, Fujian, China. The fradulent company was Xiamen Zhongpin Technology and they are no longer registered on Alibaba, but I am sure that they are still on there using some other name.

    Anyway, I have greatly analysed myself to see the signs that I could have picked up to indicate that I was dealing with a scammer/fraudster.

    I have prepared a list below of all the current Gold Member sellers on Alibaba who I believe are scammers. There are a few clues:

    1. These sellers list many items in many different product categories, normally the highly desirable items such as Laptops, Ipods, top or the range mobile phones, PDAs, GPS Navigation systems, Nike trainers/sneakers, bikinis, jewellery, watches, handbags.... This is a big clue that they are out to scam you. Also, some of them state that they are a clothing company yet they are listing products for electrical goods....

    2. They are all from Putian City, Fujian Province, China. I have since discovered that this place is rife with fraud.

    3. They all request payment via Western Union or T/T (Telegraphic Transfer), where they have bank transfer details it is in the name of a person not a company name. (Please note that I do send money via Western Union to a company that I have been dealing with for 2 years in China, so sending money via Western Union does not necessarily mean that someone is scamming.)

    4. They claim to have been trading since before 2007 yet they have only been registered on www.Alibaba.com since 2007. This is another sign of a scam.

    5. You will frequently find them available to chat to on Alibab's TradeManager, Yahoo Messenger or MSN at unsociable hours in China. (i.e when most people and legitimate businesses are sleeping in China they are up trying to ensnare you and get you to wire them money. They will give you excuses like they work hard - yes this is correct because they work hard to try to scam you!)

    Some of these companies will send you a non-existent tracking no. after you have made payment. The sad thing is that alot of them have been reported to www.Alibaba.com for not sending anything and Alibaba has done absolutely nothing to remove these gold member scammers from their site. I feel like someone with more resources should take some legal action against Alibaba and www.yahoo.com for aiding and abetting rampant fraud. (Yahoo, www.Yahoo.com, owns part of www.Alibaba.com and they get a fee everytime someone registers as a gold member) The way I see it, Alibaba should require extra verification and proof of stock from people applying for Gold membership in Fujian Province, China.

    So, I hope I will help prevent others from being scammed too by providing more information on the internet - information which I myself did not have before I sent my money to the female scammer.

    The list below contains some of the scammers I have identified. If you are lucky to get your order delivered it will be a fake, like a fake iPhone or a fake Nokia N95. I have read so many instances where people who ordered mobile phones, such as the Nokia N95 have received only what can be described as a toy phone.
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  2. Mac1205


    Apr 11, 2007
    This is a good little post for newbie traders. You point out alot of the facts that will help to catch out most chinese scammers. Alot of them do reside in Fujian, Putian. They like to offer the most popular good i.e. trainers and electronics which is something no legitimate company would do.

    Sorry to hear about your loss.
  3. Beneddie1112


    Dec 19, 2006
    You should have searched. There are 1000's of posts saying not to deal with sellers of 'Hot' items on alibaba on this very site.
  4. robbobb


    Jul 21, 2007
    Here is a list of some of the scam Alibaba Gold Members - there are far more on the site in Fujian Province, China than is on the list. So, a rule of thumb is never deal with any company from Fujian Province advertising goods at prices which are attractive!

    - Xiamen Zhongpin Technology (related website www.1by1trade.com) *this is the fake company that scammed me

    - www.chelecroad.com *see here and here

    - Chengxiang District Pinglong Clothing Factory (related websites: http://ww.xinlongtrade.com , http://xinlongtrade.photo.163.com)

    - Chengsen Import & Export Trade Co., Ltd. (related websites: www.chengsen8.com) *see here

    - Fujian Huamin Export & Import Co., Ltd. (related website: http://www.zhonghuatrade.com) * see here

    - Fujian Putian Traveling Shoes Factory (related website: http://www.cntopzone.com)

    - Fuzhou Hailian Trade Industry Co., Ltd. ( elated websites: http://www.90nike.com, http://www.66ail.com, http://www.90good.com) * see here

    - Fuzhou ZhongTianLi Trade Co., Ltd. (related website: http://electronsupply.com) *see here and here

    - Hanjiang Shengli Shoes Workshop (related website: http://www.foease.com) *see here

    - Huabo Trade Co., Ltd. (related website: http:// www.worldkeytrade.com)

    - Huabu Trade Co., Ltd. ( related website: http://www.intowto.com )

    - Huiyue Shoes Trade Co., Ltd. (related website: http://www.verynike.com) *see here

    - Licheng District Putian Oukai Trade Co., Ltd.

    - Longxiang Shoes Co., Ltd. Putian City

    - Putian Chengxiang Huacheng Trade Co., Ltd. (related website: http://www.oosoon.com)

    - Putian Chenshi Trade Co., Ltd. (related website: http://www.chenmart.com)

    - Putian City Chengxiang District Zhaoyan Trade Co., Ltd. (related website: http://www.ainetrade.com)

    - Putian Chengxiang Fanya Trade Co., Ltd. (related website: http://www.nbaorg.com)

    - Putian City Licheng District Aotewang Trading Limited Company (related website: http://www.aotewang.com)

    - Putian Footstar Shoes & Clothes Trade Co., Ltd. (related website: http://www.footstartrade.com)

    - Putian Duocai Fabric Co., Ltd. (related website: http://www.yahoosupplier.com, http://www.ft5568.com)

    - Putian Hengwang Trade Co., Ltd.

    - Putian Junnuo Shoes & Clothes Trade Co., Ltd.

    - Putian Kaishun Shoes Co., Ltd. (related website: http://www.kshoestrade.com)

    - Putian Soar Shoes and Clothes Trade Co., Ltd. * see here

    - Putian Zhonghong Trading Co., Ltd.

    - Putian Yihe Trade Co., Ltd. ( related website: http://www.ttyihetrade.com ) *listed since 2006 but only "verified" in June 2007

    - Quanzhou Quangang Samsin Trade Co., Ltd. (related websites: http://www.samsinco.com, http://www.samsinmo.com)

    - Qingrong Footwear & Apparel Sales Dept. (related website: http://www.cnbestbiz.com ) *used to be on Alibaba

    - Sunrise East Asia Culture Art Development Co., Ltd. (related websites: http://www.oilpainting0086.com, http://www.nike0086.com, http://www.mobilephones0086.com, http://oilpainting0086.en.alibaba.com)

    - United Trading Co., Ltd. (related website: http://www.unitedaaa.com) * see http://resources.alibaba.com/topic/154503/fraud.htm

    - Xiamen Leadteam Trade Co., Ltd. (related website: http://www.lead-team.com)

    - Xianyou Zhongyi Trading Co., Ltd. (related websites: http://www.forward9.com, http://www.mobile.forward9.com)

    - Yonghui Trade Co., Ltd. (related website: http://www.ecnice.com)
  5. robbobb


    Jul 21, 2007
    Unfortunately, i only discovered this site after I was scammed and via reseaching how the Alibaba Gold member scammers operated.

    Bear in mind that I have succesfuly dealt with a Alibaba Gold member, and still do this day, so I was taken in by the belief that Gold membership meant that the compnay I was dealing with would be more genuine, then say a free member seller. I now know that this is not the case!

    So, I hope others will learn from my mistakes.
  6. adam2007


    Feb 21, 2007
    Alibaba really need to spend some of that billion dollas yahoo invested on checking / verifying members.
  7. Weedog


    Nov 25, 2005
    Alibabaa/Yahoo don't care about scammers they just want the membership money, People have been complaining to them for years and they just do nothing to verify these companies
  8. robbobb


    Jul 21, 2007
    Here is a recent transcript of a chat I had with Putian Chengxiang Huacheng Trade Co., Ltd. (*see here for documentation of a recent scam by this Alibaba Gold member, sending out shoddy goods)

    Me(18:58:11): Hello, I am interested to buy some laptops
    cgs_oosoon33(18:58:24): good
    cgs_oosoon33(18:58:29): we supply
    Me(18:58:41): do you send to UK?
    cgs_oosoon33(18:58:49): yes , of course
    Me(18:59:01): what keyboard is it?
    cgs_oosoon33(18:59:22): english keyboard and english version
    Me(18:59:43): do you sell Sny Vaio VGN N21?
    cgs_oosoon33(19:00:03): let me see
    cgs_oosoon33(19:00:07): 2sec
    cgs_oosoon33(19:00:43): please give me the detail info of the laptop, we can get it to you
    Me(19:01:05): do you have a pricelist?
    cgs_oosoon33(19:01:kiss:9): yes,
    cgs_oosoon33(19:01:52): please accept
    cgs_oosoon33(19:02:02): but the price for the laptop you like
    cgs_oosoon33(19:02:10): we dont have in stock
    cgs_oosoon33(19:02:19): but we can get it to you
    Me(19:03:01): when can you get it?
    cgs_oosoon33(19:03:kiss:1): if you order , we can get it in 2days
    Me(19:04:49): ok
    Me(19:04:55): for how much?
    cgs_oosoon33(19:05:14): 2 sec, i make a call to my boss
    cgs_oosoon33(19:12:kiss:2): friend, the price for the vgn n21 laptop is USD 1250 included the shipping we can do
    cgs_oosoon33(19:12:44): sorry ,for your waitting
    Me(19:13:03): ok, what are the transfer details?
    cgs_oosoon33(19:13:28): we use the western union and T/T also the money gram by payment
    cgs_oosoon33(19:13:54): could you accept the payments of us ? and which one do you perfect
    Me(19:14:16): western union
    cgs_oosoon33(19:14:22): good,
    cgs_oosoon33(19:14:46): here is the info of our western union
    cgs_oosoon33(19:14:48): Western Union:
    First Name: Min

    Second Name: Liu

    City: Putian

    Country: China

    Me(19:15:07): so, you have sent to uk before?
    cgs_oosoon33(19:15:15): yes, of course
    cgs_oosoon33(19:15:25): we have many clients in UK
    Me(19:15:kiss:0): ok
    Me(19:16:12): so you should have tracking no. of an item you have sent to UK?
    cgs_oosoon33(19:16:13): please give me your detail address and your real name that i can make an invoice to you to make sure all the info is right ?
    cgs_oosoon33(19:16:27): yes, of course
    cgs_oosoon33(19:16:29): 2 sec
    cgs_oosoon33(19:17:11): ea840019554cn/ea840019506cn
    cgs_oosoon33(19:17:kiss:4): these 2 has arrived to uk to my client
    cgs_oosoon33(19:18:24): EA840012159CN this one is the date of july 20,2007 we sent
    cgs_oosoon33(19:18:54): you can check it on EMS website
    Me(19:19:17): ok
    Me(19:19:20): hold on
    cgs_oosoon33(19:19:26): k
    Me(19:20:44): ok, I am interested in Sony VGN-TX57CN
    Me(19:21:02): do you have a picture of this laptop?
    cgs_oosoon33(19:21:10): 2sec
    cgs_oosoon33(19:22:59): sorry friend, i have not found the pic in my computer
    Me(19:23:kiss:7): I can not find any info about this laptop
    cgs_oosoon33(19:23:55): oh, why ?
    Me(19:24:25): don't know
    cgs_oosoon33(19:24:44): what about the other laptop?
    Me(19:24:53): do you accept payment via bank transfer?
    cgs_oosoon33(19:25:20): you mean the T/T ?
    cgs_oosoon33(19:25:28): bank to bank transfer ?
    Me(19:25:kiss:3): yes
    cgs_oosoon33(19:25:40): ok,
    cgs_oosoon33(19:26:14): but the payment will cost about 4 days that we can check the money you paid, dont you mind ?
    Me(19:26:23): no
    cgs_oosoon33(19:26:kiss:9): good
    cgs_oosoon33(19:26:56): Bank of China (T/T)
    Beneficiary instition: Bank of China PuTian Branch

    Swift: BKCHCNBJ73C

    Payee: LIU ZONG WEI

    Ben's account: 4552301 0188 093503 9

    Ben's telephone: 86-0594-2768787

    cgs_oosoon33(19:27:11): this is the info of our T/T payment
    cgs_oosoon33(19:27:24): you can use it to transfer the money to us
    Me(19:27:kiss:2): you don't have a company bank account?
    cgs_oosoon33(19:28:10): yes,
    cgs_oosoon33(19:28:kiss:5): it is our boss ' presonal account
    cgs_oosoon33(19:kiss:0:17): any questions ?
    Me(19:kiss:1:22): so what pictures do you have?
    Me(19:kiss:1:kiss:7): of your the laptops you sell?
    cgs_oosoon33(19:kiss:1:46): 2sec
    cgs_oosoon33(19:kiss:2:kiss:9): these are all the laptops' pics in my computer
    Me(19:kiss:3:15): ok

    Me(19:kiss:4:27): now you said you can sell Sony Vaio vgn n21 to me for 1250 included the shipping?

    cgs_oosoon33(19:kiss:5:06): yes
    cgs_oosoon33(19:kiss:5:08): of ocurse
    cgs_oosoon33(19:kiss:5:11): course
    Me(19:kiss:6:05): and you are wholesaler?
    Me(19:kiss:6:11): is that correct?
    cgs_oosoon33(19:kiss:6:28): yes
    Me(19:kiss:6:46): http://www.nextag.com/Sony-Vaio-vgn-n21/search-html
    Me(19:kiss:7:07): you see, I can get this laptop far cheaper from a retailer
    Me(19:kiss:7:29): wholesaler is meant to be cheaper than retailer
    cgs_oosoon33(19:kiss:7:kiss:0): what's price ?
    Me(19:kiss:8:56): there is Sony Vaio vgn n370 which is better than Sony Vaio vgn n21 for $1,006

    cgs_oosoon33(19:kiss:9:21): oh
    cgs_oosoon33(19:kiss:9:46): so, what's price are you perfect for the laptop ? n21
    Me(19:41:kiss:8): the price that is o.k. for you
    Me(19:41:45): you tell me
  9. robbobb


    Jul 21, 2007
    Here is the remainder of the chat transcript with Putian Chengxiang Huacheng Trade Co., Ltd. (and of course I have not heard back from this www.Alibaba.com Gold Member scammer, neither was I expecting to!)

    cgs_oosoon33(19:42:51): yes, the price of USD 1250 for the vgn n21 we can do
    Me(19:43:29): do you have a warehouse?
    cgs_oosoon33(19:44:01): yes
    Me(19:44:10): where is it?
    cgs_oosoon33(19:44:58): our city
    cgs_oosoon33(19:45:06): in China
    Me(19:45:14): what city is that?
    cgs_oosoon33(19:45:43): Putian
    cgs_oosoon33(19:45:52): Fujian province
    Me(19:45:57): and the address of the warehouse?
    cgs_oosoon33(19:46:43): friend , why are you asking it ?
    cgs_oosoon33(19:47:03): we have the products to you , just it is ok ,right ?
    Me(19:47:11): don't you know the address of your own warehouse?
    cgs_oosoon33(19:47:28): i know
    cgs_oosoon33(19:47:kiss:7): but why you ask it ?
    Me(19:47:47): due diligence
    Me(19:48:01): how do I know you are not scamming?
    cgs_oosoon33(19:48:59): friend, in the internet business ... often ,we have to trust some one
    cgs_oosoon33(19:49:01): right ?
    Me(19:49:07): yes
    Me(19:49:21): I have dealt with honest people in Shenzhen
    cgs_oosoon33(19:49:24): so , you must trust me
    Me(19:49:28): no
    Me(19:49:41): why should I just "trust" you
    Me(19:49:44): ?
    cgs_oosoon33(19:50:07): ...
    cgs_oosoon33(19:50:20): bcoz it is the internet business
    Me(19:50:26): do you have a webcam?
    cgs_oosoon33(19:51:10): not,
    Me(19:51:47): do you have any real pictures of your Sony Vaio laptops?
    cgs_oosoon33(19:52:20): yes, i sent to you before
    Me(19:52:40): no, they are not real pictures taken by you
    cgs_oosoon33(19:53:10): if not, i dont have any others now
    Me(19:53:kiss:5): you sell mobile phones right?
    cgs_oosoon33(19:54:14): yes
    Me(19:55:16): what is your price list?
    cgs_oosoon33(19:55:42): mobile ?
    Me(19:55:47): yes
    cgs_oosoon33(19:55:58): please accept
    Me(19:56:kiss:3): they have digital camera with it?
    cgs_oosoon33(19:57:03): yes,the original phones
    Me(19:57:40): so you should have been able to take real pics of your laptops then?
    cgs_oosoon33(19:58:04): yes, i will try
    Me(19:58:08): ok
    cgs_oosoon33(19:58:12): but i can not promise
    Me(19:58:26): let me know when you have some real pictures
    cgs_oosoon33(19:58:kiss:0): i will ask my stockman to do it if he have time
    cgs_oosoon33(19:58:kiss:4): it is ok?
    cgs_oosoon33(19:58:43): www.oosoon.com
    cgs_oosoon33(19:59:01): here is the products website of us
    Me(19:59:14): lastly
    Me(19:59:kiss:0): is it not a bit late for you to be up?
    Me(19:59:52): about 4.a.m in China?
    cgs_oosoon33(19:59:53): yes, but we are working on the night
    Me(19:59:58): why?
    cgs_oosoon33(20:00:08): 3:00 am here
    Me(20:00:40): the people in Shenzhen who I do regular business not not work these hours
    cgs_oosoon33(20:01:26): yes, but many company like us
    Me(20:02:10): where?
    Me(20:02:16): in Fujian?
    cgs_oosoon33(20:02:19): yes
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  10. phamphong


    Jul 30, 2007
    Thanks for your transcript!
  11. Amrit Saini

    Amrit Saini

    Jul 29, 2007

    Hahahah that transcript had me laughing the whole time.

    They don't realize how stupid they sound lol.
  12. JPB


    Mar 9, 2007
    :rofl: i love msn convos
  13. Amrit Saini

    Amrit Saini

    Jul 29, 2007
  14. Exceletronics


    Aug 1, 2007
    Sorry to hear about your loss. Thanks for the heads up!
  15. MOO2YOU


    Aug 5, 2007
    Greed Is The Eyesight Of The Blind

  16. MOO2YOU


    Aug 5, 2007
    Common Sense Is Not Always The Easiest Way Too Guide Your Thoughts, Greed Is A Very Very Powerful Emotion That Will End In Your Downfall And Loss Of Your Hard Earned Money . Remember.." A Fool And His Money Are Fair Game On The Internet"
  17. eurotronics


    Aug 4, 2007
    haha love the transcript, anyway for a newbie trader this is very valuable info so thanks a lot, but with what im trading i doubt that i will trade with china

    but maybe in the future
    The Raw Panda likes this.
  18. gadgetalert101


    Jun 7, 2007

    Good stuff
    This conversation gave me some good laughs

  19. MOO2YOU


    Aug 5, 2007
    Quanzhou Quangang Samsin Trade Co., Ltd. FRAUD SCAM

  20. MOO2YOU


    Aug 5, 2007
    Quanzhou Quangang Samsin Trade Co., Ltd. FRAUD SCAM

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