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Alibaba Gold Member Scam

Discussion in 'Bad Supplier Experiences' started by robbobb, Jul 29, 2007.

  1. jackk1


    May 15, 2011
    Alibaba gold member status means only that members have paid a notable amount of money that's all. On the other hand, members with 5+ year gold status usually are more trustworthy and professional than these with 1-2 year status.
  2. greedyboy


    May 7, 2007
    As a rule of thumb only deal with 3+ year members or have been trading for 3+ years. How true it is I don't know but apparently it's meant to be much harder to close a 3+ year old business in China due to government regulations, or along those lines.
  3. UASEC


    Nov 6, 2010
    jackk1, I agree with your sentiment totally. You do have to exercise caution & common sense on this site.
  4. gaintstar


    May 22, 2011
    I don't supplier buyer buy from trading company. In china, a fact is that trading company offer very low price to their customer and then turn to find supplier that can offer more low price, this makes trading company offer price that is lower than the factory cost, this will make the goods low quality.
  5. gaintstar


    May 22, 2011
    if you find some supplier on the B2B website that they sell mobile phone, keyboard, mp3,flash drive, mouse, digital camera, and they say they are factory or manufacturer, please don't buy from them. surely no one can produce all these products, they cheat on they are manufacturer
  6. PhilippineArmy


    Jun 8, 2011
    Yep.. I too just got scammed by a Gold Member on Alibaba. Of course they were from China and it was for $800 for Traffic Barriers... The company is called Foshan Perth Intelligent Door Co. Ltd. They also go by the name Dong Rong.

    They did send me the barriers but when I received them they were not what I ordered.
    Not only were they different than the picture but it was at least 3 years old and badly weathered. The paint was so chipped and beaten up and the rust of iron was all over the barriers inside and out. Then it had missing parts, dented boom arm and everything was broke.

    When I complained to the company again "Foshan Perth Intelligent Door Co. Ltd". They told me that they would send me some paint.... I could not believe this. So i told them that I would not accept them to send me just paint and that is all they decided to do.

    I am going to write bad reviews on every website for consumers to be aware of this bad company and so no body else has to deal with this crap.

    Take care folks.
  7. Gary


    Aug 22, 2009
    You should drop "The" from that sentence, some people may think you are on about here, though I wholly agree "wholesaleforums.co.uk" is bad news as it leads to e sources and the less said about that the better, they're bad news!

    Though quite what this has to do with alibaba I don't know :\
  8. pjegypt


    Jun 5, 2011
    Thanks for this great post!
  9. donver


    Dec 27, 2010
    I agree with you, most scam from Fujiang province, and I'm from Jiangsu Province, and actually the scam from Fujiang is known by Chinese too.
  10. BlueDargon


    Jul 15, 2011
    I like to waste their time and keep them guessing if i'm just dumb or really wanting to send my money: Here is one email i sent to a scammer....

    Dear Mr David Lee,

    Thank you very much for your email. I have not forgotten about you. Unfortunately i have been very ill with too much diarrhea. I get ill when i become stressed and a few days ago someone tried to steal from me and wanted me to send them money. I sent them 13 869.98 US$ and then they disappeared without sending me my things. Luckily it was only a small amount of money and I am rich enough to survive.

    I want to place a BIG order with you, enough to compensate for the loss i had and to make both of us a nice profit. Can you help? I need about 100 phones of different models, is that okay for you? If you can help me and business is successful then i am prepared to make even bigger orders over the next few years.

    I know you are a good man and will give me a good price (and no diarrhea!) for such a big order, can you please give me cheaper prices for all your items because its 100? Are your prices inclusive of taxes?

    I hope the you have plenty of space in your house for all my money, and that you are bestowed with great wealth to compensate for small willy.

    Kind Regards

    the guy keeps on emailing...
  11. BlueDargon


    Jul 15, 2011
    I have others but they contain some stuff i am not sure i can write here....

    Also like to include Portuguese and made up words in English sentences to send their translating programs wild! Best way to deal with them is to waste their time, and have fun while you are doing it!
  12. Newtone


    Mar 22, 2008


    We are in contact with the authorities along with 5 other companies against Mr Mervyn Lecky, otherwise known as K5 Clothing and North West distributors based in Northern Ireland, so please contact us and we can talk to you about this fraudulent scammer and trader Thanks
  13. Researchpurpose


    Jul 17, 2011
    I really just want to know a good honest chinese wholesaler does anyone seriously know one out there and if so I would be highly greatful for there details, so stressful finding out everytime one looks genuine they turn out to be a scammer.
  14. Want-It-Online


    Feb 6, 2010
    Not gonna lie that made me laugh quite a lot lol
  15. Brave


    Aug 10, 2011
    Waaw, after being scammed i see all the little things i should have seen. luckily i was scammed for not too much. Altough i would like to ask you , the people you dealt with in China, could you give me their names so i could contact them in the future? And furthermore, do you know reliable suppliers of USB Flash Drives? I need to order those since i have been scammed by Shenzen Tianhuan Technology Ltd. But anyway its a lesson for me.

    Hope you or anyone on this forum can help with a reliable supplier in china for USB Sticks.
  16. jitverify.com


    Sep 17, 2007
    Normally a good seller or factory will not have much interests for little buyers. you can check the website to see if they are a real factory. the scammers often sell electronic products such as Iphone,etc. but they will ship nothing to you after you pay.
  17. salvatore_cui


    Aug 1, 2011
    Saw these, I feel very angry, and I opened this new company I consider most important is the integrity of doing business, most Chinese companies is the importance of integrity. In addition Alibaba Gold Member now is very strict audit in 2011, buyers do not want the Chinese market down. As a supplier we are also very existence of hate liars. Chinese have a saying: penny wise and pound foolish. So I hope the time in selecting suppliers to keep their eyes open
  18. Allan_UK


    Jul 25, 2011
    Scammers are often handicapped by their own dishonesty ie; they will offer you anything to get your money. Therefore if you concoct a story involving a bogus product (ie; make one up)and they tell you that they can actually supply your fictitious merchandise, then you can be fairly certain that you are dealing with a dishonest individual.

    There is not much point in sounding off at them, best not letting them know you have them sussed as this doesn’t bother the con merchants much as they will just delete you and move on to more gullible pickings. You could however string them along a little and send them on a fools errand 100’s of miles from their location in order to collect your money or verify themselves to an “agent” (which you also invented) in return for your promise to instantly transfer cash as soon as they have done this.

    Wasting a potential supplier’s time and money like this is not recommended though unless you have made 100% certain that you are dealing with a scammer.
  19. PGowdy


    Aug 19, 2011
    Very helpful post. Thanks.
  20. chaoscreater


    Sep 17, 2011
    lol i love reading the chat conversation, it's entertaining lol. Anyway, here's mine. I chatted with "Dawn" from Superzonewholesale. I chat with her during the afternoon, then I find her still online around 8hrs later. Here's the log:

    Dawn 01:01:12
    Hello, Welcome to SUPERZONE INTERNATIONAL HOLDING CO.,LIMITED, What can i do for you!
    Dawn 01:01:kiss:1
    Hi , how are you
    Me 01:01:kiss:7
    Dawn 01:01:kiss:7
    I am Dawn , what can I help
    Me 01:01:47
    You're still working?
    Me 01:01:52
    Do you remember me
    Dawn 01:02:08
    Me 01:02:11
    Me 01:02:20
    why are you still working so late
    Me 01:02:kiss:0
    it's been more than 7 hrs
    Dawn 01:03:kiss:2
    I am waiting for someone
    Me 01:04:kiss:8
    well, i'm back to ask you about the Youtube video
    Me 01:04:45
    is it done yet?
    Me 01:04:51
    It doesn't take 7 hrs to make a 30 second video
    Dawn 01:04:54
    not yet
    Dawn 01:05:16
    I am not sure , need to confirm with my colleague .
    Dawn 01:05:29
    he is not work at weekend
    Dawn 01:05:kiss:2
    maybe monday
    Me 01:05:44
    why do you have to ask a colleague? Can't you ask your manager?
    Me 01:06:01
    do you have a camera then?
    Dawn 01:06:12
    do you hear manager do video by himself ?
    Me 01:06:13
    can you take a picture of the Hero H7000 phone
    Dawn 01:06:20

    Dawn 01:06:kiss:7
    you can check the picture on our website
    Me 01:07:06
    well, no. But I was suggesting that you tell your manager about this so that he can find someone to make the video
    Dawn 01:07:kiss:2
    manager agreed ,
    Me 01:07:40
    just tell him that there is a potential buyer who has his own company in New Zealand, and might possibly do a long term business in the future
    Dawn 01:07:52
    but we can get use youtube in china
    Me 01:08:05
    the picture on your website could be copied from other websites
    Dawn 01:08:06
    by send to you video or other link which can see this video
    Dawn 01:08:20

    Dawn 01:08:27
    do you see them on other website
    Me 01:08:kiss:0
    i need you to write my name and your company name on a piece of paper, and take the picture of the paper next to the Hero H7000
    Me 01:08:42
    yes i have actually
    Dawn 01:08:43
    we just can offer the picture to the customers which had business with us
    Me 01:09:06
    i'm not asking you to make the video anymore
    Me 01:09:21
    i'm asking you to use a camera, take a picture of a paper with my name on it, as well as the Hero H7000 phone next to it
    Me 01:09:kiss:2
    so that I know that you do have the phone
    Me 01:09:52
    that's not too hard is it
    Dawn 01:09:52
    you know , it is not working time , I am not in the office
    Me 01:10:05
    then why are you online?
    Me 01:10:27
    oh and just so you know
    Dawn 01:10:28
    I am sales and wait for other customer to confirm something
    Me 01:10:kiss:5
    i reported your website to many scamming forums
    Me 01:10:52
    so people will be cautious of your website from now on
    Dawn 01:10:54
    why ?
    Me 01:11:03
    i saved a chat log as well
    Dawn 01:11:10
    how can you prove we can scammer
    Me 01:11:kiss:2
    well, because of all the questions I asked you, you gave me a suspicious answer
    Me 01:11:57
    you first tell me that your company does not support Paypal for replicas
    Dawn 01:12:02
    I thought we talked happy this afternoon
    Dawn 01:12:07
    so I was wrong
    Me 01:12:18
    which doesn't make sense because there is no Paypal rule of any sort
    Dawn 01:12:44
    you can make call to paypal company
    Me 01:12:46
    then, you couldn't make a simply Youtube video with my name on a piece of paper, and it's been 7 hrs since I asked that
    Me 01:12:52
    i did
    Me 01:12:55
    i contacted Paypal
    Me 01:13:00
    they said there's no such thing
    Dawn 01:13:04
    Dawn 01:13:14
    do you know today is saturday ?
    Me 01:13:19
    Dawn 01:13:54
    so my colleague do not work at weekend
    Dawn 01:13:56
    I told you
    Me 01:14:08
    what about you
    Dawn 01:14:16
    you should know we can not go youtube in china
    Me 01:14:17
    you can't do it?
    Me 01:14:29
    then use other video services
    Dawn 01:14:kiss:5
    I am sales , can not anytime customer ask
    Me 01:14:48
    then patch me through to someone that takes care of my requests
    Me 01:14:53
    like your manager or something
    Me 01:15:19
    don't you treat VIPs with their own company in a better way to answer simple questions that they ask?
    Dawn 01:16:20
    simple question ?
    Me 01:16:22
    also, i asked if you could use a camera to take a picture of the phone, with my name on a paper next to it
    Me 01:16:kiss:0
    you couldn't even do that?
    Dawn 01:16:40
    Did other website do these things for you ?
    Dawn 01:16:44
    I do not think so
    Me 01:16:45
    Dawn 01:16:53
    prove it
    Me 01:17:11
    how do you want me to prove it
    Me 01:17:26
    i've already dealt with trusted websites like Chinavasion or ChinaGrabber
    Dawn 01:17:29
    prove other website make photos for you
    Dawn 01:17:kiss:7
    make video for you
    Me 01:17:52
    alright, give me a second i'll find one
    Me 01:18:41
    Dawn 01:19:23
    I said we can not open youtube in china
    Me 01:20:02
    that's too bad then, that's my proof and if you can't view it then i can't do anything about it
    Me 01:20:19
    and by the way, i have a lot of friends in china and they can use Youtube without any problems
    Me 01:20:52
    is it really hard for you to use a camera to take a picture of the phone?
    Me 01:21:15
    imagine you are the buyer, and you want to buy 300x of those phones
    Me 01:21:kiss:9
    wouldn't you want to see a real picture of the phone, to prove that the seller does have it?
    Me 01:22:48
    it's not hard to see your company as suspicious when you can't even perform simple requests like this. I'm saving our conversation so others can see this and be more careful. The more you are suspicious in how you reply, the more obvious it becomes.
    Dawn 01:23:04
    H7000 is out of stock , what about other dapeng phone
    Me 01:23:21
    oh, so now you tell me it's out of stock. You couldn't have told me that 7hrs ago?
    Me 01:23:29
    why did your website show that it's in stock then?
    Dawn 01:23:kiss:8
    but you did not say you want to buy it
    Me 01:23:45
    I did
    Dawn 01:23:52
    you did not
    Dawn 01:23:54
    you just ask
    Me 01:24:01
    are you saying i'm lying then?
    Me 01:24:18
    i said in the very first sentence when i talked to you 7hrs ago, that i'm interested in buying the phone
    Me 01:24:28
    and want you to prove that your company isn't a scam and does sell it
    Dawn 01:24:kiss:2
    interested in
    Me 01:24:kiss:5
    that's why i've been asking for a picture of the phone this entire time
    Me 01:24:51
    ya, i said interested in "buying" it
    Me 01:25:03
    how can i even buy it if i don't know your company can prove that you have it
    Me 01:25:11
    that's why i asked for the photo/video
    Me 01:25:kiss:0
    now you're just being too suspicious
    Me 01:25:40
    you know what, let's make this easy for you
    Me 01:25:46
    what phone do you have in stock right now
    Me 01:25:50
    i'll buy any of it
    Me 01:25:57
    but i want to see a real picture of the phone
    Dawn 01:26:07
    one moment
    Me 01:26:08
    just take it with the camera, and write my name on a paper next to it
    Dawn 01:26:22
    Dawn 01:26:kiss:9
    give me 5 mins
    Me 01:26:47
    i want to see the package next to the phone as well
    Me 01:26:54
    Dawn 01:26:55
    Dawn 01:26:59
    Me 01:27:20
    actually, let's make it even easier
    Me 01:27:kiss:2
    find whatever brand new phones you have in stock right now
    Me 01:27:42
    put 3 or 4 of them together, with the box next to each other
    Me 01:27:52
    and show my name on a piece of paper in front of them
    Me 01:27:56
    can you do that

    then the rest are photos, which i needed to do a printscreen since she pasted the photos right in the convo, instead of giving me links to where she uploaded it:


    Me 01:kiss:5:kiss:8
    where's the phone
    Dawn 01:kiss:5:50

    Me 01:kiss:6:05
    i specifically say take a picture of the phone
    Dawn 01:kiss:6:08
    in the box
    Me 01:kiss:6:22
    well, take it out and take a picture of it again
    Me 01:kiss:6:kiss:0
    it could just be a fake box for all i know
    Dawn 01:kiss:6:kiss:7
    we do not have so much time to do it
    Me 01:kiss:7:03
    you don't have time to take out the phone and take a picture of it?
    Me 01:kiss:7:15
    then how come you have time to take the other 4 pictures that you just sent me
    Dawn 01:kiss:9:17
    If every customer like that , how 24hours spend ?
    Me 01:kiss:9:46
    do you want to do business or not
    Dawn 01:40:00
    I have done what I can do best , if you can not accpet . I have nothing to do .
    Dawn 01:40:01
    that is all
    Me 01:40:13
    so you can't take out the phone and take a picture of it
    Dawn 01:40:kiss:3
    I do not want to waste time .
    Me 01:40:57
    don't give me an attitude when you can't read that i said take a picture of 3 or 4 phones side by side. I said that before you took the pictures
    Dawn 01:40:59
    if anyone can do more than me , please do business with this one .
    Me 01:41:20
    alright, then transfer this conversation to Simon
    Me 01:42:03
    he is the other online support person, i see him online on the website right now
    Dawn 01:42:06
    I do not want to bring trouble to my colleague
    Me 01:42:13
    if you find this difficult then i'll talk to him
    Me 01:42:kiss:2
    even if you don't want to, i can specifically click on the website to talk to him
    Me 01:42:43
    and i find that rude that you're thinking this is *trouble*
    Me 01:42:51
    learn to do your job and treat your customers better
    Me 01:42:54
    customer is always right
    Me 01:43:11
    also, i find this odd. How did you find the phones?
    Me 01:43:21
    did you forget that you told me you're not in your office
    Me 01:44:kiss:9
    in fact, you said it's not working time. And yet you spent the past 40 minutes chatting with me
    Me 01:44:50
    here's what you said: Dawn 01:09:52 you know , it is not working time , I am not in the office
    Me 01:45:57
    how would you feel, if I reported your company address, as well as your bank details, along with proofs that you have been scamming people?
    Me 01:46:24
    remember that IP address I asked from you? I did a WHOIS lookup. I have made backups of those information
    Me 01:46:44
    also, my friend talked to you a couple of days ago too, he made his own chat log backup
    Me 01:48:01
    it's sad really. I actually did want to do business with your company. I really do own my own company in New Zealand, and really wanted to try out a different supplier. Unfortunately, your replies and actions have easily shown that you're a scammer
    Dawn 01:49:45
    do what you want , what I scammed from you ? money?
    Me 01:50:27
    oh no, you didn't scam me. I'm too smart for that.
    Me 01:50:kiss:4
    but, you did scam other people
    Dawn 01:50:40
    who ?
    Me 01:50:46
    who have posted their problems on forums and websites
    Dawn 01:51:19
    if you can prove it ? I scammed other people ?
    Me 01:51:21
    it seems you do not know how reputations work on the internet. Once you have a bad experience or have been scammed before, you share that with other people
    Me 01:52:03
    i don't need to show you the prove. Why would I? So you can hide it or edit it? You'll find consequences soon enough
    Dawn 01:52:kiss:2
    do what you want , you waste me a whole day , you scammed my time , go away
    Me 01:52:44
    funny how you said you're not working and yet you've wasted 50 mins with me
    Me 01:53:17
    is it worth wasting your life trying to scam people? is it fun for you?
    Me 01:53:kiss:9
    maybe i should ask Simon? I think i'll talk to him tomorrow and see what he says hmm?
    Me 01:56:15
    anyway, if you want to checkout my company, here is the link
    Me 01:56:46
    Me 01:57:51
    or just ****************

    Thank you for your inquiry! Thank you, bye!
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