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    Feb 17, 2016

    To be fair, hats off to them, Alibaba have seriously taken retail to a whole brand new level. Something perhaps the current retailer sector should take note of. Innovation at its finest.

    Alibaba proudly show off their vending machine, selling over 100 different Ford cars, at their Guangzhou (China) location. And with plans to build others in Beijing and Hangzhou as well, is this something we could eventually see the marketplace giant introduce in the UK?

    In order to purchase from the vending machine, users are to download the Taobao mobile app to their phone, choose the car they want, pay an electronic deposit, have their face scanned for identification, and then off they go.

    The best bit? They get to test-drive this car for the next three days to decide if they really want to purchase it. During this time, if customers aren't too sure on the car they've chosen they can instead opt to test drive the other available Ford cars ranging from an Escort right up to a Mustang.

    @Alibaba vehicles manager, Gu Wanguo said: "Consumers can use the internet to access more accurate, convenient services and get a deeper understanding into particular vehicles."

    Currently users of Tmall with good credit scores are only eligible to purchase cars from the vending machines, and all in just under 10 minutes.

    This is what you call innovation, taking advantage of how users value convenience whilst online. Gu Wanguo also said they'll be opening up their vending machine's "infrastructure to the entire industry", which is great news. Maybe we'll see these over in the UK after all.
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