News Amazon about to try and buy Flipkart?

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    Feb 17, 2016
    Amazon may be about to put an offer in to buy Indian eCommerce giant, Flipkart, which is also in talks with Walmart. However, it's suggested that a deal with Walmart may be more than likely to go ahead than Amazon as they are expected to purchase a stake of around 40-50 percent.

    This is a deal that would end up directly putting pressure on Amazon's take-over across India, as both firms are highly dominating in India's eCommerce market.

    If a deal with Walmart and Flipkart are to go ahead this would give the world's largest B&M retailer an eCommerce market estimated to be worth anywhere up to $200 billion, as reported by Morgan Stanley.

    Flipkart's value could end up to $21 billion through the shares it may sell to Walmart.

    Both Amazon and Flipkart have not responded to any requests for comment so far.
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