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    Feb 17, 2016

    Donating to charity has never really been a difficult thing to do; all it takes is a few clicks online and there you go. However, Amazon of course have taken making donations to charity to a whole new level. By voice.

    As of April 2nd, Amazon Alexa allows you to make a donation to charity by just using your voice. Alexa Donations which is powered by Amazon Pay needs you to say 'Alexa, donate X amount to' the charity of your choice. This will then use your Amazon account to make payment.

    There are around 50 different charities to choose from so far, and is expected to grow to an ever larger number with Amazon saying "This is just the beginning - the list will continue to grow." It's understood that your name, address and email will be shared with the charity.

    Just over 1 million users have made use of Amazon Pay to make donations to charities currently without having to use Alexa Donations, and it is expected that this too will grow with the Alexa Donations.
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