News Amazon's gated and restricted brands - which brands to not sell?

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  1. Cody


    Feb 17, 2016
    Following a recent post on The Selling Guy, I figured this is something that definitely needs to be posted to this forum. It seems too many brands are starting to take legal action against many Amazon sellers selling their brand, resulting in Amazon sellers losing their accounts temporarily or permanently.

    The brands mentioned in this list have been provided by sellers that have contacted The Selling Guy, and by problem brands they have experienced themselves, with the list being updated constantly.

    Had any issues with the brands below, or any that aren't? Let us know, so we can add them to the list attached. Likewise, to read more about this head on over to The Selling Guys.

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  2. Smode West

    Smode West

    Jul 13, 2017
    It's a list likely only to grow I imagine unfortunately.
    Thanks for bringing to our attention.
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