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News Apple Keynote 2017 - What To Expect

Discussion in 'Technical News and Help' started by Erik, Sep 7, 2017.

  1. Erik


    Sep 26, 2012
    This is one year where everyone has set their eyes more in Apple than the previous years. This year marks the 10th year anniversary of the iPhone, and since 2016, numerous rumours have been floating all over the web as to what would the 10th iPhone iteration have.

    We've been immune about the rumours floating past Apple and the iPhone, as it is one of the most watched unveils. The iPhone is also the most watched for mobile phone, as competitors always try to excavate what the new iPhone will feature and move out of their way to create them ahead of Apple. With that, the company has already sent out invites to media, ahead of their September 12 event.


    Since this year is a special one for Apple, there are a lot of rumours floating around on what to expect on the event, primarily on the new iPhone itself. Let's enumerate most of the things that are being passed around on what should we expect the 10th year anniversary phone of Apple.

    First Things First

    Apple is rumoured to announce 3 phones this year. Two of them are likely iterations of last year's iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, but the real charm here is the third phone, which is supposed to be the anniversary phone.

    1. The Name
    Everyone is calling it the iPhone 8, some are claiming they will ditch the numbering and call it the iPhone Edition. While there is still uncertainty of what the anniversary phone's name is, we'll just stick in and call it the iPhone 8 for now.

    2. The Form Factor
    Coming out from Chinese manufacturers and case makers, the iPhone 8 is claimed to be almost the same as the iPhone 7, albeit some noticeable changes. The phone is being rumoured to have an almost bezel-less screen, edge to edge display that is the pinnacle of smartphones in their quest to totally remove bezels up front. There will be minimal space left of course for the camera and sensors, but the front pretty much is filled up with a massive screen.


    3. The OLED Display
    Another rumour is that the iPhone 8 will now sport an OLED screen, rather than their usual LED screens. This screen is widely used by other flagship devices like Samsung and LG, but will be a first for Apple. OLED is claimed to save more battery life, thinner, and lighter than LEDs, and can be used for curved screens. While not being the first, with Apple's way of optimising their software to conserve battery life, adding in OLED means the usual battery for the iPhone would get you further on better software combined with energy saving OLED.

    4. Vertical Aligned Cameras
    There will also be dual rear cameras, vertically aligned. I read somewhere (I forgot where) that the change of alignment means something, especially if taking pictures on landscape mode. Regardless, it would seem that with this rumour, case makers will have a spree, since all cases for this new iPhone would mean a totally different case - not a 1 size fits all like the 6 and 7.

    5. Ramped up Specs
    Of course, the same with each year, the new iPhone will no doubt have the latest A11 chip, under iOS 11, and other ramped up hardware for owners to enjoy.

    6. Face Scanning Tech
    One of the leaks has mentioned some items on face scanning technology. While the bezel less screen will likely remove the physical home button and thus, Touch ID, rumours speculate that this will instead be replaced with face scanning tech.

    7. A push on AR
    ARKit was touted by Apple in their last WWDC event. So expect a lot more happening with Augmented Reality using the latest iPhones. The company itself is pushing for more AR, why not give it the limelight it deserves thru its phones?


    8. Wireless Charging
    A technology already used by most Android manufacturers, will again be a first for Apple. We cannot be sure though if the company will totally ditch cables, but likely there will be a premium if you will be adding a dock for charging.

    9. The Price
    This is the most painful rumour of all. With the latest tech, radical design, and an OLED, wherein Samsung can demand the price (they are the only known OLED manufacturers which can mass produce OLED screens Apple requires), the new iPhone is being touted as the most expensive iPhone to date, with a lowest price point of around £760 (about $1,000). Ouch!

    These are all of course, still rumours, and it is still best to wait until the official unveil. The Keynote is set to happen on the 12th of September, 6PM UK Time. You can watch the keynote via their stream link below:

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