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News Apple Keynote Event Takeaways

Discussion in 'Technical News and Help' started by Erik, Sep 14, 2017.

  1. Erik


    Sep 26, 2012
    So.... As we announced a few days ago that Apple is expected to announce the new iPhones, I personally watched the whole event. The event was a spectacle, but it is still best to give it a couple days, time until we get some more information out, before we post in our takeaways.


    What I could conclude is that Apple made full use of the whole event. You could see them crunching in time due to the number of things they needed to announce. So, without further ado, here are the products officially announced by Apple and my personal takeaways.

    I. Apple Watch
    The Apple Watch, much to my surprise, is actually a profitable product for the company. How so? Even Swatch's stock price fell after the watch announcement, which came in as a subtle surprise to everyone. Apple Watch also is the highest selling smartwatch in its category. Anyway, here are the new things coming in to the Apple Watch Series 3:

    - WatchOS will now notify you if your heart rate suddenly elevates, a usual cause of concern especially to those who experienced stroke. A good thing if this works out well, a good first alert on a sudden heart rate spike which could give you a headstart whether to head to a hospital immediately or otherwise.

    - WatchOS will also now have Apple Heart Study, a system which monitors your heart rate constantly, and studying its rhythm. Apple is keen to taking care of your health, so further study of your personal heart rate is key whether you are experiencing something odd or out of the norm.

    - The new Series 3 watch will now have Cellular connectivity. It will use your same number and will also get the ability to stream Apple Music. Handy, especially if you would just like to go out and buy something quickly, or that you just have to go on an errand and do not want to bother bringing your phone but may need to take some calls. Nifty idea, although there are some reports that you might need to pay an extra to carriers to enable this feature. Also, this will only work for iPhone 6 and above, making the old 5th generation phones below officially obsolete.

    Overall, the Apple watch is now turning to be not just an add-on gadget for those tech lovers, but also evolving to help health-conscious people, and others who might need to take extra attention to their hearts. No longer this device just monitors your exercise sessions, it may now also remind you to take a rest or possibly go to the hospital should your heart becomes irregular. I believe there is a future in here too, in which if in any case you experienced something, like a sudden heart stop or a sign of stroke, could immediately contact the nearest hospital for aid. Lots of possibilities with its future, and maybe soon even more.

    II. Apple TV

    - The new Apple TV will now support 4K, and will run in 4K HDR settings.
    - It will also sport the A10X chip, the similar chip being used in the iPad Pro.
    - As a bonus, Apple announced that 4K movies in iTunes will have the same price as HD ones, and previously purchased HD movies in iTunes will be upgraded to 4K for free.
    - Apple will also add a new Live Sports feature in the TV, allowing users to experience live sports action, and get notified for favourite sports in time before the game starts.

    A small improvement in the TV sector. 4K is becoming a new standard in the TV experience, and the upgrade of the device is an expected one. A welcome addition though is the free 4K movie upgrade. I do not however have an Apple TV or a fan of it, might as well just purchase a Roku or a different box for the TV at a lower price, but with more features.

    III. iPhone 8 and 8 Plus

    A name that has been often asked before the release, what are the new phones called? Well, it's now answered. Away from the order of phone naming iterations (it should have been the 7s this year), the new iPhone jumped ahead and named the new phone the iPhone 8. A handy few nifty features have been added as well:

    - The iPhone 8 will sport the same form factor as the 7, however the back case has been changed to glass. Yes, both the front and the back are made of glass.

    - It will have the same water and dust resistance, a claimed stronger glass for protection, and better stereo quality with its dual speakers.

    - It will sport a new chip, called A11 Bionic, which has 6 cores, and a faster GPU. This new chip packs in a whole lot of technology in it, including evrerything there is to do with the phone, a true heart of the phone itself.

    - Cameras will have the same 12 megapixel cameras, and the Plus having dual cameras. Will be able to shoot 4K videos at 60fps, or at 1080p at 240fps.

    - It will have better support for Augmented Reality. With ARkit, this one is highly expected pushing more into AR.

    - The new iPhone will now also be able to use Wireless charging. The good news is that it will use the standard QI wireless charging tech, which means third party wireless charges that use QI standard (cheaper) can be used with no problems to the iPhone. Thank goodness! No more easily torn wires!

    - The phones will only come in 2 storage capacities, 64GB and 256GB.

    This looks really like a small iteration from the iPhone 7, with just slight improvements. Although wireless charging really is a welcome here. Apple's cables are known to chip easily, so getting wireless and being able to charge it with 3rd party charge pads is really welcome. AR will also surely have a big push in the next few months, so Apple's investment in the technology will likely pay off real soon.

    IV. The One More Thing - iPhone X

    As all things leaked, this is likely the most leaked phone yet. But with the unveil, it did not disappoint.

    - The iPhone X sports a bezel-less screen, running edge to edge, with only a small notch at the top for the camera. Not to mind though, reports say that this is not noticeable especially upon using it after a while.

    - It will also sport a glass front and back, with really buffed up, shiny stainless steel as a frame band. Keeping a premium look standard in here.

    - The display will be OLED, Super Retina display, measuring 5.8 inches, with a resolution of 2436x1125, and a pixel density of 458ppi. This is likely the brightest screen among all iPhones, so hopefully it will not disappoint.

    - The home button is gone now, which means the iPhone has new ways to wake up. Double tap, or slide from bottom up. Control center in now sliding down from the top right, while notifications will slide down from the top left. Closing apps now require you to slide up from the bottom, and holding in the middle will put you to the tasks area.

    - Touch ID is gone as well, in replacement, you will now have Face ID, a face recognition system that Apple touted as cannot be fooled by pictures, by tracking depth. Usable for Apple Pay, Unlocking, and third party verifications.

    - New messaging feature as well. Animoji, which will use a 3D emoji and will copy your facial expressions, head movements, and lip movements to animate it.

    - Selfies will be better too, as the front camera will support Portrait Mode functionality. These are not filters, but instead are real hardware configurations similar to what you can do to DSLR.

    Truly a look into the future of Apple. A celebratory change too, being the 10th year anniversary of the iPhone. The features are excellent, and not to mention how sleek looking this phone is. However, Face ID still faces a lot of questions, and with the steep price point, might mean that this is a phone only for those who really can afford it. It makes you wonder whether just to buy a Macbook rather than just a phone.

    A good full lineup for Apple, celebrating the 10th year of its most iconic product. I say some of the technologies added by Apple this year are a bit late in the industry, with others supporting some of these features already. I also wonder too whether all the features packed in are enough to justify the price point of the iPhone X. My take? I certainly can't afford it, and might just settle in with the 8.

    Will this be a grand seller for the company? Or will this be a complete failure due to high price?
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