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Stock Offer Apple MJVX2AM/A 2m Magnetic Apple Watch Charging Cable

Discussion in 'Mobile Cases & Electronic Accessories' started by Intertel, Sep 20, 2017.

  1. Intertel


    Aug 3, 2007

    Apple MJVX2AM/A 2m Magnetic Apple Watch Cable

    Stock Status: Physical
    Stock Location: Blackburn, Lancashire
    Payment Methods: T/T or PayPal
    Shipping Info: DHL Next Day £6
    Buyer Liabilities: ex-vat
    Contact: [email protected] 07825703248

    • Unit Price: £21
    • Quantity: 200
    • MOQ: 25
    Original Apple 2m Magnetic Charging Cable. Bulk Pack.

    £21 each ex-vat. Bulk pack. Genuine Apple.

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