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Avoid This Company in China

Discussion in 'Bad Supplier Experiences' started by Marcish, Jul 8, 2017.

  1. Marcish


    Jul 8, 2017
    Yiwu Kanekalon Wigs Ltd / *********************************

    They also have the following websites




    Well, I am writing this to help other potential buyers decide about this company, the manager is Kang Song. We have been a client for almost 4 years placed over £150K of orders with them, and whilst they have made mistakes before, this time it has been so bad that we will never use them again. For the last order which we placed with them, the deposit was paid in November 2016, it is now July 2017 and no resolution is in sight. To keep things relatively short I will explain just a few things, this is after dozens of emails, where they just ignore 90% of what you say and fall back on we will give you a discount on another order, yeah right.

    So we placed this order before another order had arrived when it did, over 800 products were the wrong colour and not sellable and or the weight was in many cases 40% less than it should be, combined with many hundreds of mislabelled products, You could never use this use this company for Amazon etc. and sleep easy at night as quality control has disappeared. So we then took a few days to collate the whole order, photograph each wrong item, sent a full report. They advise 3 to 4 weeks to produce and this was mid-January and they then said they had stopped production of current order, the shipment should have been ready 3 weeks earlier so clearly had done nothing for 6 weeks. We then received an email saying they would replace 300 of the over 800 items wrong, our value of stock about US $4K, plus import cost and shipping so about $5K altogether, we could do a fire sale on some of these items so maybe a bit less, but worried about damage to our reputation if we did. At the same time told us they would more treble our MOQ for over 600 SKU items as they cannot always get the same colour, really you have our specification, so do not produce tell us before you make the wrong item so my thoughts are if you cannot do this right are we really going to risk three times capital to get the same problem. They admitted using different materials other than ordered.

    Then until now has been a complete series of lies with false dates, the order was finally due to be ready at end of March less all the incorrect colours but was not allegedly ready until the end of May, then incorrect packing slips and not even the 300 they said they would replace. They will not answer any questions and just expect us to pay the balance, we said since you have not produced compensation we will deduct $2,278 from order but not they do not accept and otherwise, they will sell stock elsewhere and not refund our deposit. They now take over 7 days to respond to emails, only answer in small bits, without dealing with our questions and now say it was all correct on the order in question in December, took 6 months for them to say that now. They will not return our deposit or agree to any compensation apart from $384. We have asked them to allow us to send in quality assurance company to check just to get sorted out we but never get a response to that question or any proof stock exists. They just ignore everything, always some sort of excuse, always boss is in Australia apparently they do not have email there, lol.

    I could go on, and I have bought up their web website so I can provide all the details of the comms, emails. We are a professional company and always put the company first, so cannot afford this company anymore, though the one bit of good news is that early on we decided to review the market again and whilst it took a lot of time we did find eventually a brilliant supplier, been to see them and a proper factory, with better products, slightly more money on a few products which is fair enough is not about the price it is about honesty, reliabilty and service.

    So if there is a problem with this company do not expect them to admit, help, resolve in anyway, no matter how much you spend, length of time with them, you will be on your own.
  2. Cody


    Feb 17, 2016
  3. AngelaLuo


    Feb 16, 2011
    Sorry for what you have experienced! This should not happened especially you've been a client for 4 years. It's normal to have issues during an order, the most important is the supplier's attitude to the issue and that's why I always write long emails to clients to explain every details that caused to the issue and do the best to compensate. We're grateful that almost all of our clients are so nice and willing to solve the issues together with us.

    We are located in Yiwu as well, there are a lot of good suppliers in this city, I hope your bad experience won't affect your impressions to the city :).
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