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Guide Back To Basics: How To Be Successful At Online Selling - The Complete Series

Discussion in 'Our Advice and Guides' started by The Wholesale Community, Jan 18, 2019.

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  1. The Wholesale Community

    The Wholesale Community

    Feb 16, 2018
    At The Wholesale Community Group we spend most of our time talking discussing the minutiae of processes around online selling - whether it is moving up the eBay listings, or the pros and cons of different delivery options or profit margin management. As we were reviewing our year,looking ahead at 2019 and what the economic and political climate holds, we realised that whilst we have these enjoyable discussions,where we often find the most satisfying results and improvement for our community is where we end up advising online sellers simply by reminding them of the basic building blocks of success in this industry.

    Any retailer, whether physical retail sales or online, usually got into this game because they have a specific area of interest – whether that is the product they sell, a passion for the type of store they own, or simply a drive to make money. But, as with any business, when you’re in the day to day running and logistics, you rarely get a chance to have the perspective to look at the big picture and assess your business from a distance. Especially in the practical and time pressured world of online selling, where often the driver of the proverbial bus is you - we tend to focus on the ‘doing’ of selling and making money, rather than sitting around swilling whisky, smoking cigars and fantasising about a 10 year plan!

    So, we thought this is where we could help by providing this advice on a mass scale is with a ‘Back to Basics’ series, working through the many areas of this fascinating and complex industry - with quick easy to read chapters focusing on an overview of best practices and toolset for success. Our goal is to either help established sellers to take stock of where they are and the potential areas for improvement and growth, or to help new sellers to understand the market a bit better and think about best practice from the outset.

    Whether you follow to learn, think, or simply out of curiosity, we hope you enjoy the following eBook and look forward to hearing your continued stories of success!

    All the best,

    Helen Parker
    Chief Exec – The Wholesale Community Group

    To download the complete ebook, please click the link below:
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