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    Jun 13, 2018

    Bulk buy wholesale greeting cards

    Stock Status: Physical
    Stock Location: Andersons Wholesale
    Payment Methods: Credit card, debit card, BACS, Paypal
    Shipping Info: Shipped from our UK warehouse
    Buyer Liabilities: N/a
    Contact: Andersons Wholesale www.andersonswholesale.couk 01842 824505

    • Unit Price: £1199.00 ex VAt per pack of 3,864 cards
    • Quantity: 2
    • MOQ: N/a
    Andersons Wholesale has been a greeting card wholesaler for over 30 years. Our unique bulk buy card packs and greeting card starter packs save you a huge amount of time and money and are ideal for anyone buying greeting cards.

    This comprehensive bulk buy greeting cards pack contains a large selection of quality code 50 and code 75 greeting cards, and is ideal for anyone wanting a greeting cards starter pack or just a large amount of bulk buy greetings cards. It's a great way to buy a large amount of beautiful, fast selling greeting cards without the hassle of having to choose them! All cards are individually wrapped and come with white or colour co-ordinating envelopes.

    The 3,864 cards come in a mixture of colours, finishes and designs and include Carson Higham cards embellished with tiny jewels and popular Isabel's Garden hand embellished cards as well as an extensive range of open Birthday cards from Simon Elvin, Design Studio, Iparty, Carson Higham, Silverline, Hambledon Gold, Regent, Selective, Arnold Barton and Heartstrings.

    This pack includes an extensive range of occasions from all our publishers including - birth congratulations, christening, thinking of you and blank cards, get well, good luck, new home, open congratulations, retirement, open sympathy cards and relations and pet sympathy cards, thank you, engagement and wedding day, milestone, relation and open anniversary, our anniversary, wife and husband anniversary and many more.

    It also includes a wide range of colourful juvenile and milestone ages. from ages 1 -100, humorous birthday cards and cards for male and female relations and a selection of popular large cards for some relation Birthdays and anniversaries.

    Greeting card title finders are also included - this is a pack of 80 cards with the title of the card printed on them which can be cut to size and put in behind cards in your racks to help you and your customers locate cards quickly and easily. Each pack comes sealed in cellophane and each title finder can be cut to fit card sizes code 30 through to code 125 - simply cut each card with scissors or a craft knife to the correct height for your cards.

    We stock a wide range of bulk buy greeting cards, greeting card flatboxes and a huge amount of greeting cards for all budgets and all occasions at

    Please feel free to call us on 01842 824505 or email (Email Hidden for Privacy) if you'd like to chat about your requirements or if you would like a few samples of our fabulous greeting cards.

    Please see our greeting cards stockist guide section on our home page for details of card sizes.

    The image shown is illustrative of some of the of cards included, though occasionally they may vary slightly from those shown.
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