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Stock Offer Bulk Clearance Auction

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous & Clearance Lots' started by BidonThis, Dec 2, 2015.

  1. BidonThis


    May 11, 2015

    2p per unit

    Quantity Available: 49
    Minimum Order: 49

    Payment Methods: Online card payment
    Shipping Info: Free shipping to Mainland UK
    Buyer Liabilities: Sold as seen


    • Stock Status: Physical
    • Location: Aldershot
    • Take All Price: £2.00 start bid
    View auction catalogue >>

    Lot 1: 99 x Thermabind GBC Rexel Red Leather Thermal Binding Covers (45829U).
    Lot 2: ACCO REXEL 16 x Pockets A4 Coloured Display Books Presentation Folders.
    Lot 3: 24x Anywhere Universal Multi Surface Suction Holder RRP £15.
    Lot 4: 17x Bravado 100% Official Licenced Product DRAGONFORCE Black Cotton T-Shirt Top M.
    Lot 5: 49x BlackBerry HDW-13019-001 Wired Stereo Headset 2.5mm.
    Lot 6: 8x Blackberry Headphones HDW16907-001 (Sound Isolating 2.5mm Headset).
    Lot 7: 43 x Childrens Age 8+ Quartet 'Cool Foam' Colourful Soft Bulletin / Picture Pinboard.
    Lot 8: 11x CRIMINAL Bold Blue Soft Knitted Ribbed Neck Scarf.
    Lot 9: 5x Criminal Unisex Green & Black Checked Ribbed Back Bakers Skate Cap Hat 4 S/M, 1 M/L.
    Lot 10: 14x Criminal Unisex Red & Black Checked Ribbed Back Flat Cap Hat Medium/Large.
    Lot 11: 37x Disney Princess Lipgloss Set.
    Lot 12: 17x Gear 4 - BluFM
    Lot 13:11x Gear4 BluStream RX.
    Lot 14: 19x Gear4 Essentials Pack for IPod Touch.
    Lot 15: 10x Gear4 - EuroTrip - Travel Charger.
    Lot 16: 45x Gear4 - IceBox Edge - iPhone 5 Case.
    Lot 17: 55x Gear4 - Leather Book Protective Cover for iPad Mini.
    Lot 18: 4x Gear4 PowerPack Travel Charger.
    Lot 19: 24x Gear4 - PowerTrip FM.
    Lot 20: 22x Gear4 - The Band - Apple iPhone 4/4S Case (IC465).
    Lot 21: 31x Gear4 BluEye - Phone & Radio On Your iPod.
    Lot 22: 49x Gear4 RoadTour DualCharge with iPod/ iPhone and Mini USB cable.
    Lot 23:11x gear4 Streetparty 3 White (Grade A).
    Lot 24: 22x Hipstreet Eclipse Nexus 7 v2 folio rotating case NEX7RTCS-BK.
    Lot 25: 4x HP Multimedia Speakers 2.0 for PC Speakers, Laptop.
    Lot 26: 50x John Lewis Cream Napkins.
    Lot 27: 4x KimberlyClark Fluidshield Fog-Free Surgical Mask Orange - 48247.
    Lot 28: 3x Kitchen Craft Cutlery Tray with Five Sections, 36cm x 25cm x 4.5cm.
    Lot 29: Mens ATTICUS 'Cavern 2' Slim Tight Fit Low Rise Indigo Blue / Navy Jeans 28, 30.
    Lot 30: 10x Mens Bravado 100% Official Merchandise WWF 'BATISTA' Black Cotton T-Shirt S.
    Lot 31: 6x Mens Retro RAMBO 'First Blood' White Cotton T-shirt By trademark Products M, L.
    Lot 32: 2x Next 16GB SDHC Card.
    Lot 33: 7x NEXT Black Speaker Dock For iPhone & iPod 3W x 2.
    Lot 34: 28x Rexel Mobile Organisation Modular Desk Tray Desk Tidy.
    Lot 35: 15x SNOW PATROL Medium Grey 100% Cotton Logo'd T-Shirt (Small) Rock.
    Lot 36: 15x SNOW PATROL Medium Grey 100% Cotton Logo'd T-Shirt (Small) Rock.
    Lot 37: 5x SNOW PATROL Medium Grey 100% Cotton Logo'd T-Shirt (XL) Rock.
    Lot 38: 14x The Economic and Financial Crisis and Collective Labour Law in Europe.
    Lot 39: 12x Trivium - Bravado Large.
    Lot 40: 4x Unisex LINEA Grey & Black Herringbone Pattern Beanie Hat By House Of Fraser.
    Lot 41: 74x Unisex LINEA Reversible Red & Blue Bold Striped knitted Beanie Wooley Hat.
    Lot 42: 50x Water Powered Calculator **Save Money - No Batteries Required**.
    Lot 43: 11x Wireless Handheld USB Remote Presentation Laser Pointer / Presentation Stick.
    Lot 44: 9x Xonar Phoebus Solo PCI Express 7.1 Gaming Soundcard.
    Lot 45: 2x AUS Motherboard, M5A 78L-M USB3.
    Lot 46: 2x ASUS Dust-Proof Fan, GEFORCE 210
    Lot 47: 2x ASUS HD7770-DC-1GD5-V2 Windows 8 Ready Direct CU Card.
    Lot 48: 3x ASUS GT630-2GD3 Dust-Proof Fan Graphics Card.
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