Stock Offer Calvin Klein Mens and Ladies Tshirts

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    Mar 11, 2017

    Calvin Klein Mens and Ladies Tshirts

    Stock Status: Physical
    Stock Location: uk
    Payment Methods: all
    Shipping Info: courier
    Buyer Liabilities: none
    Contact: / WhatsApp Service +447566235923

    • Unit Price: £10 gbp or 11.5 euros
    • Quantity: 1000pcs
    • MOQ: 100pcs
    We have a large quantity of 4 styles of Calvin Klein Tshirts - 2 styles of mens and 2 of ladies.

    The price is £10GBP or 11.5euros per piece.

    Minimum order is 100pcs of any styles. Please contact us for the spreadsheet via email or WhatsApp.

    All items are EU stock, authentic with paperwork. 13175-1-Calvin-Klein-J30J307856.jpg i-calvin-klein-jeans-j30j307856.jpg 2469976_calvin-klein-jeans-top-j20j207940.jpg 2370673_calvin-klein-jeans-top-j20j207940.jpg
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