News Carillion sees 2,500 jobs at risk due to failed contract deal

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    Feb 17, 2016
    The disgraced firm Carillion has just seen a deal fail after a Canadian firm pulled out, putting 2,500 jobs on the line. The Canadian firm - BGIS - that was to buy contracts from Carillion's liquidation assets to provide services to our public sectors said they "will not be proceeding, as certain closing conditions have not been met." It's unclear what these conditions were.

    BGIS, Brookfield Global Integrated Solutions, who is a real estate management company said they hoped to make its very first venture into the UK however couldn't secure the support it needed. Gord Hicks, chief executive of BGIS said he will "pursue opportunities to grow our global business into the UK".

    The 2,500 staff at risk from the failed deal will be included in the 7,500 that are being held while the liquidation of Carillion continues. This is to protect public services ensuring they're not interrupted.

    The official receiver of the Carillion case said that around 8,216 jobs have been saved and over 1,400 have been made redundant during the process. However, some of Carillion's previous customers, such as Nationwide have taken workers on board, as well as other rival contractors and competitors having workers transferred to their own companies.
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