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News CES 2018 - Welcome to the Future!

Discussion in 'Technical News and Help' started by Erik, Jan 11, 2018.

  1. Erik


    Sep 26, 2012
    As you may already know, CES 2018 is under way. This is the biggest spectacle of technology in the US side and all the biggest and most popular names in technology (sans Apple) gathers to show off their latest technologies, whether for mobile, general computing, smart homes, automobiles, or any tech you could think of.


    From what I could say, despite a sudden power outage in the venue (yes it happened, so much for a technology show), the new things unveiled this year are truly eye opening. New devices in which widen humanity's grasp into the future, and amaze us in what else could we do to move forward.

    With that said, here are the best things I found so far that are worthy enough to be showcased:

    1. Razer Project Linda

    I know, I am a gamer, and there's some bias to this being Razer. But, anyone must admit that this thing is a beauty. While Apple has perfected Continuity, in which most apps you use on your phone, you could continue on with your Mac or iPad, Razer has 1upped the system. The Razer phone connects itself physically to the laptop, and the laptop will run as a bigger screen of the phone. The phone will also be a functional trackpad, or as a second screen for applications you may need. Pretty handy, especially with that slim laptop. Need your phone back? Just pop out the phone and go!

    What's problematic I see though is that since the phone is under Android OS, the laptop is too. There are no details on whether this laptop could play PC games, or could it install heavy windows programs like Photoshop, especially legacy windows programs, but the concept is already there. Overall a great concept by Razer, but not sure how will it be accepted once it goes public.

    2. L'Oréal UV Sense

    It's quite unusual to see L'Oréal joining all the fuss that is CES, being it mostly focuses on the health and beauty industry. But hey, this is a surprise. They have just unveiled UV sense, a tiny gadget that you attach to your finger so you could track ultraviolet absorption of your body.

    Yes, for those concerned about going out in the sun too often, this is for you. What's crazily innovative about this technology, is that it uses no batteries, and can save up to 3 months of data. It's accompanied by an app which measures your UV rates. This is quite handy to know whether you need to put in sunblock or just go to some shade for the meantime. Only question is if people are ready to misplace a small gadget like this again (remember wireless earpods?)

    3. Samsung's THE WALL

    Now this one's crazy. Over the years, consumers have been longing for bigger and bigger screens. Back then, we're used to CRT screens. Now that LCD and LEDs are the hype, our TV screens became bigger and bigger, even reaching 50 - 60 inches or more, just to ensure that we have perfect viewing pleasure. Well, if that's not enough, take a look at Samsung's The Wall. This is a modular TV, with small MicroLED panels you could connect. You could connect more panels to make the screen as big as you want to, and Samsung claims that there is not any difference in clarity.

    If there is wide acceptance of this technology, likely that more consumers will get into it. Buy a few panels first, then save up until you could buy a few more! No need to waste a lot of money immediately for a huge screen! I imagine playing games on a 100+ inch screen - I'm drooling right now!

    4. ASUS ROG Bezel Free Kit

    Now this is what I call real innovation! I mean, why anyone has not thought of this before?

    The bezel free kit is a real innovation in my eyes. It mirrors the edges of your current monitors and connects them so you will not see the bezels, especially if you have 2 or 3 monitors. Essential for gaming, but seriously? It makes your 3 monitors look like 1 single wide screen! How cool is that?

    Best part, no software and hardware configurations, just connect them and go. It also fits most screens, so that's a plus being able to use them on current monitors. This is too much, a very simple solution for the most common problem and was only thought of now.... wow.

    A lot more new technologies out there in this year's CES, and by far this seems to be the most exciting year yet!
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