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Crowdfunding Find: Eye - The Smart iPhone Case

Discussion in 'Products & Trends' started by Erik, Mar 15, 2017.

  1. Erik


    Sep 26, 2012
    This will come in very handy and will surely fit lots, especially business people.

    The difficulty of having a business is that we need to separate business related things to personal matters, like mobile phones. Oftentimes, we would prefer having separate phones for each, but at the cost of carrying the extra phone when traveling. It could be sorted out by dual-sim type mobile phones, but the messaging system could be confusing at times and you are not sure which one received or sent what.

    The difficult part is that an iPhone, in which we only get 1 sim slot, and if we do not prefer carrying 2 phones (not to mention expensive), you just force yourself to share personal and business matters under 1 phone. This kickstarter product, solves that problem, and more.

    The Eye - a new smart iPhone case for most that you need. It is smart because it has another screen on the case, powered by Android. It also has 2 separate sim slots in which you could use for another number. Need to differentiate contacts? No problem. You just flip your phone from front to back or vice versa depending on your needs.

    The Eye is first and foremost, an Android mobile powered case. Using the case's own built in batteries to power itself. That means, you an get the full functionality of Android, and the sleek usability of iOS, with just 1 smartphone and the case. The case does not have its own speakers and microphone, but it can use the iPhone's so you could still take and make calls. Selfies too will benefit, as the case can perform a "mirror mode", which will be able to let you use the better rear camera of the iPhone to take the perfect shot.

    Other features are indicated in the image below:


    I think a great companion for the iPhone. No need to carry 2 phones, get better selfies, and have a remote control function to use for most electronics. Truly worth especially if it comes really slim as promised.

    The project is still under gathering pledges and already reached 200% of its goal. 30+ days left of pledging, so interested parties may pledge support here:

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