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Crowdfunding Find: Memo Box Mini

Discussion in 'Products & Trends' started by Erik, Feb 21, 2017.

  1. Erik


    Sep 26, 2012
    As we reach our primes and our bodies gradually degrading throughout years of work, we will, or some of us have already been, in the timeline where constant medical care matters. More often than not, as time passes, more regular visits to the doctor will happen, and thus, countless medication must be taken by our bodies to maintain our current strength. Some will likely happen to must take constant medication to certain illnesses, and regular taking of medicines can be a problem.

    It's quite common for one to miss their regular medical dosages and keeping track is always difficult. Which is why this week's crowdfunding find, we focus on a nifty little box that could help us not miss regular medications by being a little more interfering than an old regular medicine box.

    The Memo box mini is a smart way to take daily and hourly medications. It is connected via an app on your phone which reminds you when it is time to take your meds, at the time you have indicated. It will send off a tone as soon as it is time for you to take your pill, getting rid of missed times altogether. The box (and the app) will know if you opened the box, signifying that you took one.


    Loved ones could also help out. Should you still miss opening the box at a designated time, a loved one may be alerted and personally remind you via a poke, or a phone call. Family members do care, so alerting them when you still forgot is a welcome addition.


    Forgot if you have already taken or not? Open the box at a non designated time, and it will notify you if you are about to take double dosage. Helpful, eliminates overdosing at all.


    Overall I find this product essential, especially for those who takes lots of medicines. Elderly loved ones will benefit well from this, and you can monitor them without interfering too much.

    As of this writing the project still has 16 days left of funding, but has already reached its goal. interested parties may still pledge orders through the page here:
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