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Customers returning item due to change of mind...

Discussion in 'Online Marketplaces - eBay, Amazon, Etsy and more' started by Adamwells, May 17, 2019.

  1. Adamwells


    Oct 25, 2009
    Just had the delights of this request the other day, the customer selected this reason on Amazon (where I sell products mainly) "Performance or quality not adequate" aka they don't want it anymore. Lucky for me the item has never been used, still sealed in packaging and the customer paid return postage to me.

    Whats frustrating is that the fact I paid the initial postage to the customer plus the cost of the outer box packaging, but they returned the item in a mailing bag :mad:

    Lucky for me a return has only happened once like this, but why do customers not realise that as a small business, this is eating into our profits?

    Has this happened to you when an item is returned due to customer change of mind?
  2. alice camron

    alice camron

    May 17, 2019
    It happened with not all but with most of the sellers out there, not just on Amazon but on various different marketplaces as well. And of course, it damages our businesses but does it bother any customer? Probably not. They have the liberty of returning/replacing the product & this is how E-commerce business is working, the more flexibility the customer gets, the more likely he/she gonna stick by online shopping.
  3. Erik


    Sep 26, 2012
    Well I could only reply to this as being a customer - luckily for me I have not returned an item yet for any reason at all. Working in this industry as a customer gave me insights as to what small businesses are thinking, and small purchased items which do not break the bank - I usually do not bother returning them to lessen the hassle.

    I do think though that it's the ultimate result of giving too much power to customers. Most of the time sellers big and small have to swallow losses like this, since most customers only care about the item they received, whether they just did not like it, or some silly excuse just to get a refund. Bitter pill to swallow, sure, rather than not honoring these and might lead to other bigger problems like negative feedbacks which could likely affect sales.

    Let's just wish these huge marketplaces like Amazon would give some priority to sellers, giving them a chance to justify whether it would be right to issue a refund or not. I doubt that will ever happen though.
  4. Junkstermac


    Dec 21, 2011
    This happens to me quite often even if you insert a label to advise they don't rip boxes, plastics, remove protection etc etc. Some buyers do not appreciate the fact that you need to resell the item. Obviously big companies can absorb the losses and sell the items cheaper and they don't say anything to buyers and therefore this is the attitude of some. Whenever I buy something I keep all the original packaging and carefully open it just in case it needs to go back and this if for anything I buy. This makes it far easier to return the item without issue but also ensures the seller gets the item back in a similar condition. Obviously there are times when you need to open outer packaging seals but again I don't open them up like a kid at Christmas! XD
  5. danmike


    Feb 25, 2020
    It happened once to me but the buyer shouldered the logistics both way so just lost of time for me. Now I require sure buyer only and payment first policy.
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