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Daily U.K. government update 28/03/2020

Discussion in 'Business News & Resources' started by Helen, Mar 28, 2020.

  1. Helen


    Mar 26, 2013
    Rising Covid-19 levels
    From 120,776 tests there have been 17,089 confirmed cases. In the past 24 hours the number of deaths due to coronavirus rose by 260 to a total of 1,019.

    The NHS Medical Director re-iterated that the difference between this country reducing deaths compared to other countries is down to the actions and social distancing actions made by the British public. He also stated that the timeframe for return to normality can not be estimated at this point.

    Business and personal funds for British workers
    The government stated that the first tranch of findings are being processed and in some cases have arrived.

    They confirmed the rules have been relaxed in many commercial setting to ensure production and economy is impacted as little as possible and can return to normal. For example AGM requirements are relaxed, competition laws have been changed and process relaxed on production of hand sanitisers.

    Hospital capacity
    Capacity has not been reached in London hospitals (the first to be impacted) and it is also being expanded currently there and across the nation.
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