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    Dec 1, 2018
    Hi All,

    Right I need some advice I'm a little stuck.

    My company installs CCTV and we really do try to install the best that is out there. Hikvision is our manufacturer of choice.

    We have been installing systems for nearly two years and this is the first problem we have had with the equipment that we have supplied.

    Two months ago we installed a system for a customer. He did start off now I think of it really pushing for our lowest price. Everyone hangles but this was something else.

    We ended up agreeing on a price and he paid the initial 50% deposit, we then proceeded to order the gear and arrange the installation. We installed and the customer was very happy and said so. He paid the remaining balance. He had a few alterations he wanted making to the configuration over the first week which is normal and something we always say could take up to two weeks to tailor a system to the customers specific requirements. ( the cameras can follow humans and vehicles)

    He was then happy until I recieved a phone call on Friday last week to say that one of his cameras had gone off, I agreed that I would go to site on the Monday. I attended site and found the problem to be a cable,I replaced this and all worked well. What was wrong with the cable I am unsure but of course I didn't charge for this.

    We then come to today, I recieved a call from him saying that the NVR was ticking and kept rebooting, I suspect the hard disk is faulty. I said that I would speak to the supplier and come back to him. He then rang me again asking if there was another way that he could view the cameras since he had turned off the nvr. I said that I could create a temp login and would send over an email with instructions including pictures. I was at a customers site and planned to do this asap. He rang back 3 hours later to ask why it had not been done. I explained that I was with a customer to which he replied "well it needs doing" quite angry at this point. I said I would do it as soon as I had finished. I could not leave this customer as I had already started there job and had there system in bits.

    Another hour later he rang to say that he still hadn't recieved the email. At this point I had nearly completed it and he would have it any minute. I said I would call him back to make sure he had received it which I did. During in this call he told me how unhappy he was which I totally understand. I told him that I had spoken to the manufacturer as it is now there warrwnty and I was waiting for return instructions which I am promised for Monday. At this point he said that I should have a spare if this junk will keep going wrong. I asked him to read the reviews about Hikvision and that this is just a bad expiriance and that i am sorry. I assured him that as it is under warranty i will get things sorted asap. He then proceeded to say that if anything thefts happen while the system isn't working he would send me the bill. We finally agreed to talk monday.

    Now my problem is I don't have any parts to repair his problem in stock and have no way of getting them until Tuesday. The warranty is also an issue, the manufacturer wants the faulty item returning, they will then access the problem, repair or replace. This could take up to 3 weeks. I have checked and this really is there warrwnty policy. Which is fine but my customer will not be happy with this. I really am stuck with what to do as I am already having to stand the additional labour I cant be standing the cost of a replacement especially when the item is under manufacturer's warranty. I really don't want this customer to give me bad reviews etc.

    How would you guys handle this?

    Thanks in advance
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