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Stock Offer DISCOUNT!!! End of Line Clearance - Motorbike Chain Lock with Shackle

Discussion in 'Cars & Automotive' started by Dan imports, Jan 13, 2016.

  1. Dan imports

    Dan imports

    Jan 20, 2012

    Stock Status: Physical
    Stock Location: Hertfordshire
    Payment Methods: Paypal, BACS, Credit/Debit Card
    Shipping Info: Courier
    Buyer Liabilities: VAT is payable, Buyer pays shipping
    Contact: www.gadget-warehouse.com 020 8428 8606

    • Unit Price: £3.99+VAT
    • Quantity: 2000
    • Take All Price: £7500.00 +VAT
    Chain #1.jpg Chain #2.jpg Chain #3.jpg
    10% OFF IF ORDERED BEFORE 15/08/2016
    VALIANT Motorbike Chain Lock with Closed Shackle Padlock Heavy Duty Strong (*RRP £21.95)
    • Heavy Duty Hardened Steel Chain, 90cm long
    • Large Closed Shackle Hardened Steel Padlock
    • Canvas Covered Chain
    • Chain and Lock Are Resistant to bolt cutters, chisels, hammers, saws and files
    • Supplied with 3 high security keys
    This heavy duty lock is excellent for motorbikes, bikes, caravans, machinery, gates etc. It is resistant to bolt cutters, hammers, saws, files and chisels. The padlock is of a closed-shackle design meaning that the normally vulnerable shackle has been protected against both bolt cutters and saws. Many insurance companies now demand the use of such closed-shackle padlocks as an absolute minimum security measure. The chain is encased in a thick canvas cover meaning that it will not damage items while securing.

    Contact Miranda: 020 8428 8606 or (Email Hidden for Privacy)
    Last edited: Aug 4, 2016
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