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    Feb 17, 2016
    Having attended the Online Seller Network event last night, a discussion was started regarding retailers online strategy. We spoke about how shopping by using your voice accounts to 30% of online shopping, and how retailers are now moving towards better and quicker ways for delivery.

    It makes sense that this way of shopping is becoming increasingly popular. The likes of Google, Alexa and even eBay Shopbot allow you to use your voice, or even images to drag up results much faster, and with this finding an exact match - or close to - which saves the consumer time.

    Now, with Google and Amazon, it appears they are the big guns that are changing the way online shopping works, which means other retailers and marketplaces need to adapt to this change and trend. This also goes the same for delivery.

    If buyers want to shop quicker, using images and by saying "Hello Google" then retailers and marketplaces need to update their strategy.

    Buyers also want quicker delivery. This means too, that retailers and marketplaces need to adapt to this change. Amazon are already on the rise with their Amazon drones and Amazon Prime next day delivery. Is this something the likes of Royal Mail as a courier can keep up up with?

    Toys 'R' Us for example, I feel have missed out on a ton of sales due to not changing and adapting their strategy to suit online buyers these days. They seem to have just stuck to relying on plain old retail stores and outlets. I'm not even sure if Toys 'R' Us deliver?

    M&S are also seeing their sales drop as more buyers move towards online food and grocery shopping - Amazon (of course) have recently purchased Wholesale Foods, and making their stock cheaper than the likes of M&S.

    Asos are introducing a new delivery strategy in London. If you live in London then you could be eligible for a same day delivery.

    This would mean having multiple warehouses across areas of the UK to make this possible.

    Who is thriving in this area? Amazon. They have their fulfilment warehouses scattered in all sorts of locations. ASOS are doing this too.

    Online shopping is changing. Delivery is changing. Consumer behaviour is changing.

    Isn't it about time that retailers need to get smart about online selling?
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