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News Drone Regulations - Why Are They Important?

Discussion in 'Technical News and Help' started by Erik, Sep 8, 2017.

  1. Erik


    Sep 26, 2012
    Well we certainly cannot stop progress, as drones nowadays are no longer used just for recreation, but for businesses as well. Take a look at Amazon trying to work on Drone Delivery service. It could happen soon that other companies, even government bodies might soon use the technology to aid with their service (think firefighters or policemen using drones first to investigate the scene before plunging in to trouble).


    But of course, there will still be drones used by common people. Either for recreation or something that would help them in their own small businesses, people cannot be stopped from using it. Which is why regulations on drone usage is important. Why do you ask? Take a look at this video from Facebook User Peixoto Guarapari:

    Such a scary scene! That drone wrecked on the plane's wing! That not only disrupts the flight, but also took the passengers' lives in peril! Seeing this video, I am not sure what happened next - likely the plane went back down to ensure safety, but is still a scary thought nonetheless.

    While I think technology is the future, we still have to take care of what's important: human lives. Humans do innovate, but at times its their own carelessness that puts them in peril.

    If you own a drone at home, make sure you read the breakdown of drone rules from telegraph. Or just to be safe, just always keep the drone at a safe, low altitude.
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