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Dropshipping - One myth busted

Discussion in 'Dropshipping' started by beacon hill, Nov 8, 2016.

  1. beacon hill

    beacon hill

    Jun 28, 2010
    Rather than react to another post, where there was a reply to my comment, though I,d start
    a new thread on this subject and bust one of the myths about many sellers that drop ship.

    Myth being - If there is nowhere on the supplier website that says they drop ship, then they do not drop ship
    Answer - Rubbish. Many will drop ship once you have either built up a relationship
    or convince them with a business plan. Or maybe it is in the T&Cs once you have
    opened an account with them

    All of the contacts of the brand names I sell do not advertise themselves as drop shippers.
    So if you look online looking for drop shippers of brand x you will not find them, and is
    usually followed by a new member here giving a post about unable to find them anywhere.

    Why do many brand name importers do this ?
    Basically to avoid potential fly by night e bay sellers, flooding the market selling
    at box shifter prices.

    Many will disagree with me, but I,ve just done a google search to find drop shippers of
    all the brands I sell. Each search brings up a blank. Yet they all offer the service

    So next time you think about coming here on the forum asking for drop shippers
    in a niche product and can not find them anywhere on google, they are there.
    You just need to try a bit harder and / or have a good business plan in place
    when you give them a call to convince them you are the company that can
    benefit from you drop shipping their products
  2. toomsie


    Mar 9, 2016
    * Doesn't quite compute. If retailers are selling your Brand too cheaply, you raise your prices and tighten his margins unless there is a law that stops a wholesaler from dictating his own prices to whoever he wants.

    For those who bring value to the brand in quality customers service website design and traffic advertising then I want him to have margins so that he can invest and sell more of my products.
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