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E Shop with delivery date option

Discussion in 'E-Commerce and Online Selling' started by David Hennessy, Apr 13, 2020.

  1. David Hennessy

    David Hennessy

    Apr 13, 2020
    Hi, I'm hoping someone can offer some help.
    We have recently set up a home cook pizza delivery service as all our pre booked events this summer have been cancelled or postponed. Its going really well and have sold out both of the last two weekends.
    With limited space and access to staff, we can only provide a set number of kits each evening. we have our primary delivery area which is available all weekend and our secondary areas which change each day.
    We have set up an Izettle online shop as we use their payment service but have found it rather difficult to have set days which we would deliver to certain postcodes. For example, we only deliver to Maidstone on a Saturday.
    We have also found it very difficult to use the data we get. We have to export all the sales data and manually sort it into days, rather than being able to select a days delivery slots and download that.

    Hope that all makes sense!

    Is there a platform will allow us to easily specify delivery dates related to postcodes, or failing that one that will make exporting certain days data and easier experience?


  2. Michael Beaumont

    Michael Beaumont

    Apr 29, 2020
    This is the kind of thing that plugins are useful for. If you search the plugin websites for delivery date most are coming up with woo-commerce and shopify.
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