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    How time flies! We're now in the middle of October, and just a few snoozes away Christmas is here. As such, We will compile some of the products for each category that we have that could be given as gifts, or perhaps, when you think about it, could be potential sellers the next few weeks.

    DISCLAIMER: All products posted below are just found over the internet. The products chosen are of personal opinion only, and are not guaranteed huge sellers. Some advertisers in TWF may offer these products but we will just post links directly from the brand, or randomly from Amazon. The items posted below are just compiled as what I view could be worthy gifts this coming Christmas.

    We all know that cars are everywhere these days. With technology ramping up, cars do get updated as well. Apparently most do not have the luxury of owning the latest car immediately, and just stick with their trusty ones. So, in order to at least keep up to pace, we'll be looking at accessories that could ease that out.

    I. Bluetooth Receiver

    Cars nowadays have stereo players that have most functionalities like USB ports, Bluetooth, and the like. Some now even have Android or iOS in their cars. Well for some of us, we just have our old, stock stereo players in our dashboard, capable of only playing with CDs, or connect to it using a 3.5mm aux cable to play music. Smartphones however are now shifting to rid of the 3.5mm port though, so the solution? Use a bluetooth receiver. Saves a lot compared to buying a new stereo for your car!

    This is for:
    People who still would like to hear custom music playlists on the car but have an outdated stereo player. Also for people who have old stereos at home that would like to give their old stereos new life.

    II. Nextbase Car Dash Cam


    Car security is important, and yes, a lot happens while on the road. With a number of road accidents happening every year, it is vital to have a camera all the time to ensure that investigators will have evidence on what really happened. With that, it is good to have your own dash cam to record everything that's in front of you. Saves you from other angry drivers, and will have a good record in case of accidents.

    This is for:

    Drivers who would like to ensure they are covered when something unexpected comes their way.

    III. Backup Cameras


    I personally use a rearview mirror whenever I try backing up, however the problem is that I drive a family van. The Rearview windshield oftentimes are so small, and when you try to parallel park, a car's frontside bumper behind you is not visible, oftentimes just relying to dual mirrors to guess if I will hit it or not. Thankfully, older cars (and a rusty old van like mine) can now have the luxury of seeing the rear clearly as well through the use of backing up cameras.

    This is for:
    People who have outdated cars and vans, have little to no sight of their car's rear ends, and always park parallel to other cars

    IV. On Board Diagnostics


    Well I do not have one on my van, but it is an essential if you want to see more of your car. All vehicles have a slot for OBDs, and it is useful to have one yourself. These little guys could give you an insight on whether your car's running fine, or whether it sees something that is not right. This handy little tool could even be a saver by seeing problems right away, rather than paying more at the mechanic due to a degraded vehicle.

    This is for:
    People who would love to take care of their car, car lovers, and those who knows at least a little bit about car mechanics

    As always, these items are of personal opinion only. Feel free to add items of your own in this specific category! Next thread, we'll talk about Computer gifts!
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