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    We've gone through our list of potential gifts in Car Accessories, now it's time to move on to Computers!

    Computers are of course, part of our daily lives now. From corporate, to education, there is always a place for computers to ease our processes, how we learn, and how to communicate to the world. Now, these top 4 items are not only suited for business, these items surely have a place for everyone who stick around computers often.

    DISCLAIMER:All products posted below are just found over the internet. The products chosen are of personal opinion only, and are not guaranteed huge sellers. Some advertisers in TWF may offer these products but we will just post links directly from the brand, or randomly from Amazon. The items posted below are just compiled as what I view could be worthy gifts this coming Christmas.[/COLOR][/B]

    I. Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Ti

    Now wait a minute... I thought that this is meant for business? Well yes, and different businesses have different needs. Video cards are what drives games to show off amazing graphics, yes. However, video cards nowadays are now also being used for a different purpose: Cryptocurrency Mining.

    Now in light to all those, the GTX 1080 Ti is now the flagship video card of Nvidia. These types of video cards, along with other good hardware, are often used by custom pc builders. Just one of these babies and it's more than likely that the games you play will be displayed in great detail. PC gamers who would like to use VR will also find this card useful, and even graphic designers who renders a lot of images in their systems will find this video card of big help. Certainly, not everyone can afford the hefty price of this monster. But hey, if anyone out there is willing to give this out as a gift to me, I won't hesitate!

    This is for:
    PC Builders, heavy PC gamers, crypto miners, those who rely more on graphics as a job.

    II. Wifi Range Extenders


    Not everyone would like to use their mobile data, especially when they are at home, and more times than not, rely on broadband and connecting via WiFi. Quite often too, that households have problems in certain areas of the house, with their routers having limited range, not to mention the pain of signals lost due to interior walls.

    WiFi Extenders are a huge help in these situations. Just plug it in where the router's signal ends, and it will bridge that signal to another "range bubble", giving you additional meters of good wifi strength. Offices with multiple rooms will benefit as well, as long as these items are placed at dead spots, you could cover the whole house or office, ensuring guaranteed connectivity for everyone.

    This is for:
    Houses / offices with lots of walls, places with poor wifi coverage, people who wants clear wifi quality in their rooms.

    III. Network Attached Storage

    A must have item for those who has tons of files, whether at home or at business. Network Attached Storages are best used as a backup station of all your devices. Plug this in your router / network, and all computers (PCs and mobile) will be able to access this device as long as they are connected to your local network. This box is great if you have tons of movies and pictures. No need to share to other devices via bluetooth or other means of file sharing, as long as you connect to the network, you could access, download, and even upload files in this box. Helpful for businesses too: want some of the company files easily accessible by colleagues and staff? Plug this in and go. The best part is, this should not eat up broadband data. No need for cloud services if you can store your files locally.

    This is for:
    Businesses who want more control on files being shared. People with tons of files in their computers. People looking for an alternative to Dropbox or similar.

    IV. Gaming Mouse

    Yes, yes, I know. Another gadget focused on gaming.... But, it's not all just for games.

    Here's the deal, some who use computers tend to just buy an optical mouse for their day to day computer activities. Some of these optical mice are clunky, skips some beats at times (remember when you try to drag and the pointer does not follow?), and, they degrade or break down easily. For heavy PC users, it's a problem. Fine, these optical mice are cheap, but that does not justify just a few uses and a few days later you try to smash them, hoping they'd follow where you want them to be.

    Gaming mice? Manufacturers try to break these hindrances to ensure smooth dragging. They see what gamers want, from high sensitivity, to ghostless movement. What you want is that once you hold the mouse, even the slightest bump will move the pointer, and gaming mice do that. I do not play games on my PC anymore, but still use a gaming mouse due to its fast reaction time.

    This is for:
    Designers who want pinpoint accuracy, gamers, PC users who are tired of laggy, skipping optical mice.

    That's it for our list of good Computer Gifts! Remember that these are based on personal opinion, but all are welcome to add a few things they'd think would be great gifts this Christmas. Tomorrow we'll be working on Health & Beauty!
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