Early Christmas Gift Planning 2017 - Footwear

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  1. Erik


    Sep 26, 2012
    Apologies for the late arrival of the next chapter of our Gift Planning Series, however let's just continue on with the show!

    In our last chapter, we've discussed about Health & Beauty products. Granted, most of the products in this category are for women, so now we're jumping to a category where men usually competes in: Footwear.

    DISCLAIMER: All products posted below are just found over the internet. The products chosen are of personal opinion only, and are not guaranteed huge sellers. Some advertisers in TWF may offer these products but we will just post links directly from the brand, or randomly from Amazon. The items posted below are just compiled as what I view could be worthy gifts this coming Christmas.

    Lots of footwear out there, from sneakers to daily flipflops, all with different brands, makes, materials and such. But we're focusing on what's good as gifts, so here's our top list.

    I. Kobe AD NXT


    Yes, The UK is generally more passionate to football than basketball, and w all know that. Of course, we will not wear studs on a daily basis, which is why sneakers are in all that fad. And what better way to show off these sneakers than to wear one under the name of a great basketball star?

    Kobe Bryant has since retired from the NBA, yet is still cashing in with shoe endorsements from Nike. I wouldn't mind hanging out wearing a pair of these shoes if you ask me, just don't ask me about the price tag.

    This is for:
    Teens, Adults, Shoe collectors, basketball fans, people who love to hang out.

    II. Adidas Ultraboost All Terrain


    Adidas has been well known as an age old competitor of Nike, and who would not be impressed? From regular running shoes, to the all popular Yeezy Boosts by Kanye West, they innovated to work into casual and running shoes and made a name for themselves in that genre.

    Take a look at these Ultraboosts, A good friend of mine recommended them saying that they are so comfortable, you'd end up wearing them daily. It features a stretchy sock-like material around the ankle to give you that comfy hug that works best when walking or running. A good catch for athletic types.

    This is for:
    People who love to work out, athletic people, people who walk around different types of terrain.

    III. Reiker Boots


    Yes, winter is again here, and cold weather is all around us. Some women will have thick, fur coats around them, and what better way to complement those thick coats than to wearing a pair of fashionable boots.

    I don't have much to say about women's fashion, but I could say most women who have this cold weather combination (fur coats and boots) do look good.

    This is for:
    Woman in your life who has a chestful of shoes, add another one to their collection I guess.....

    IV. Cotton Slippers


    This one is a budget-saving, no brainer type of gift. It's cold outside, it's great to cuddle inside, and wear thick comfy clothing in the house. The feet deserves some comfort as well, so some great cotton slippers to wear around the house is a perfect thing to have in this cold weather.

    These slippers have memory foam soles too, so you not only feel the softness of the cotton, but also get the comfort of memory foam, no stressful walking around the house!

    This is for:
    People who love to stay indoors, freezing weather, people who love soft things.

    On our next episode, we will be tackling about Home & Garden Products!
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  2. catpullover


    Nov 20, 2017
    The last one could make up a good Christmas gift, warm and fit this cold as hell weather :D
  3. Vijay Jadhav

    Vijay Jadhav

    Mar 7, 2017
    Superb. I really liked Kobe AD NXT. :)
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