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    On our first 2 episodes of Early Christmas Gift Planning, we focused on Auto accessories and Computers. Auto accessories came in cheap, while computer gifts have some hefty price tags. In this episode, we set our eyes in a different category: Health & Beauty.

    DISCLAIMER: All products posted below are just found over the internet. The products chosen are of personal opinion only, and are not guaranteed huge sellers. Some advertisers in TWF may offer these products but we will just post links directly from the brand, or randomly from Amazon. The items posted below are just compiled as what I view could be worthy gifts this coming Christmas.

    This category is often a ladies' section kind of category, but I'll be adding in 1 thing for the men out there. These are of course, depending on the receiver's liking, so the items below do not guarantee to be perfect gifts.

    Also, in case you may have noticed, we skipped the Clothing and Apparel section. This is because there are tons of apparel out there, and one type of fashion does not necessarily mean it should be worn y everyone. Each person has their own fashion ideas, so we leave that to consumers to pick for themselves. Now, on with the show!

    Health & Beauty

    I. Twilly d'Hermes


    Twilly D' Hermes is not actually a good winter fragrance, but more for around spring / autumn. Ginger, tuberose, and sandalwood give off the scent, and could give a different take for her daily perfume. What's good to note is that this scent was just released the later part of this year, and with different types of perfumes out there, boasting in as a new scent for 2017 will surely give your significant other a feeling of being special.

    II. 16Brand Finger Pens

    For those who would like to be in the know, 16brand is becoming popular in Korea for their fun takes on makeup. These Finger Pens are no exception. Each pen can be used as any other type of makeup, from blush-ons to lipstick. These pens became popular and even reached a lot of how-to makeup video makers in youtube. Caveat is that these pens are not readily available in the UK, and most likely needs to be purchased abroad. Still, if you want your teen / woman to have at least one of the most reviewed makeup things online, this could be a great choice.

    III. Beard Shaping Tool


    Now this is for the real man! If you have a man in your life who prioritizes you, your kids, and his beard, this is the perfect way to say thank you for all the effort they have been putting on their beards. No need to go often to the barbers to shape those beards, a simple tool like this will be a definite help to not only cut costs, but let them beardsmen enjoy their times in front of a mirror trying to carve the best beards to show off to the world. Nothing more macho than to see a beardsman having a well groomed beard! Isn't that right, @Cody ?

    IV. Makeup Brush Set


    Now, we often see women buy a lot of cosmetics. Different brands, colours, and tones out there for every girl to choose from. Most of us men do not even know half of what they are putting on their faces, but we do know one thing, they always use brushes to put those powders, liquids, and gooey sticky stuff on their faces. That's where these brushes come in. My missus told me that each type of makeup has its own brush, so why bother picking one, when you can buy a whole pack!
    **Don't enumerate what each brush is for, all I know is that all of those are for the face.

    Those are our findings for the Health & Beauty Section, surely there are lots more out there, especially for women. Of course, feel free to add your own product ideas here!

    Next up, we'll tackle Footwear!
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    Well, thank you :D
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