News East of England Co-op will sell products beyond their 'Best Before' Date

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    Sep 26, 2012
    I am not sure how everyone will think of this, but yes, the Co-op will indeed sell products that have exceeded their best before dates. This is after it has finished a 3 month trial in huge success and now will be launched under the campaign "The Co-op Guide to Dating".


    Don't get the news wrong though, The Food Standards Agency is noting that products beyond the Best Before date are totally safe to eat / drink, the only drawback is that the product may be of lower quality than what producers have initially intended. This means yes, you may still eat them without worries, not until the food exceeded its 'Use By' date, as per their website:

    It is noted that 30-50% of food produced globally for each year is wasted, and with the Co-op's drive, it could save up to 2 metric tonnes each year. As per Roger Grosvenor, Joint Chief Executive at the East of England Co-op:

    All of these products will be sold at of lower value of course, but Co-op recommends to consume these goods immediately. All of these products will also be sold up to 1 month beyond their Best Before date.‘best
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