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Discussion in 'Bad Supplier Experiences' started by karen cholerton, Jan 4, 2018.

  1. karen cholerton

    karen cholerton

    Jan 4, 2018
    I found Easy Imex on the internet and thought I'd found a good company to help me find a suitable factory to manufacture my new product and guide me in China.
    Firstly, I had to sign up and pay their membership fee. I was then rung up by the owner and I was very impressed, but not for long.
    A few weeks later I flew to China to meet suitable factories, paying more money for a so called "factory tour", plus the expensenses of the member of their staff and flights for all of us. After hours of traveling we arrived in the middle of nowhere to meet people who had no idea about my product and with no factory in sight. There were no samples to see of previous products ( something I'd requested) and there was no evidence at all that they could produce my product from the CAD drawings that they were given ( they clearly had not looked at them), Needless to say when we eventually flew back to Shanghai I was pretty dissolutioned. The next day I called the owner Adam Gilborne to discuss this and I told him I was not happy. We arranged a meeting the next day. I showed him the product, which he hadn't seen before and had no idea about. The person I was allocated to help me also had no idea about my product, or manufacturing. So it was the blind leading the blind.
    He and his member of staff went through a directory ( yes, a directory!) to locate other suitable factories and rang them. The next day we visited 3, none were brilliant, but out of desperation we chose one to make my product.
    I will not bore you with any more detail, but it was and has been a disaster from start to finish. I still don't have a product, I've spent a fortune and Easy Imex have cost me a fortune, wasted over a year of my time and even did their best to make it difficult for me to get the injection mould (I paid for) out of China, because I'd refused to pay their shipping fee which was 3 times more than any other quote to the UK. As I write it is at last on a ship and I am hoping that this tool is of a quality that my UK factory can work with.
    I have endless emails and messages relating to this disasterous experience with Easy Imex. If you are looking to launch and make a new product avoid this company at all costs.
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  2. Cody


    Feb 17, 2016
    Sorry to hear about this terrible experience. The thing with suppliers is they can just tell you so much about what they can do, and how they're right for your company, however it isn't until more research and experience has been done (although out of your pocket) that you truly realise how difficult it is to find a legitimate and professional supplier/ manufacturer.

    Thank you for sharing this with us, I'm sure it'll help many more people in the future.
  3. ylliu6688


    Dec 26, 2011
    thanks for sharing the details, it let me look at the thing in buyer's angle.
    It proofs again that "customer focus" and "value-added" is always the focus for these who are providing business service.

    My personal perspective is:
    1) asking the traveling agenda from the service agent, then you will see who you are going to meet, where and when
    2) you and the service agent should be in closely dialogue day to day to let them fully understand what you need (factory size, location, must have criteria, nice to have criteria...as much specific as you can)
    3) always find the right size agent for you. sometimes too big or too small agent is not right for you. their size should equeal to your business size. otherwise, they lost interest to your business, and finally lost focus. from the case, it is, as you mentioned they even did not look at your document.
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