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  1. Mario Szpytma

    Mario Szpytma

    Apr 20, 2018
    Hello, TWF community!

    As you will discover quite soon, we help outdoor & sports equipment retailers by providing vacuum-packed natural energy bars for climbing, sailing, trekking, etc.

    As we are gathering ideas for innovative service and approach to clients, could you please share your opinions on a self-serve online webpage for wholesale orders?

    Extremely simplified and quick process:
    1. You register your company online with necessary details - only one account per company, verification process
    2. The purchasing rep logs onto the website with given credentials and orders required quantity
    3. When the order is confirmed - an invoice is sent via e-mail and the order gets processed, prepared and dispatched immediately

    Prices are set for thresholds and can be customized by customer, number of units, etc.
    Up to specific amount, only bank transfer is available - anything above the set totat - invoice or bank transfer.

    Do you like the idea? Would this make your lives or your clients' lives if the idea was used in your environment?
    Can you see any obvious risks? Please share, it will be greatly appreciated.

    Kind regards,
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