News eBay Changes to Premium Service makes it harder to get 10 percent discount

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  1. Cody


    Feb 17, 2016
    eBay has changed the terms and conditions to their Premium Service, which is starting to cause some further hate towards the giant marketplace on various Facebook groups.

    The changes to the eBay Premium Service, mentioned on the Seller Centre, is if sellers want the10% discount on their final value fee they will need to adopt one of two Shipping Options.

    Shipping Option 1 will need you to offer a free delivery option with a 3 day delivery guaranteed service. Some eBay sellers are saying this is a way to be forced to provide a fast and free service to customers, at the expense of the seller.

    Shipping Option 2 means the seller will have to abide by a 2 working days express delivery service for no more than £10.

    There is also a brand new requirement for items valued over £20 - being as part of the eBay Premium Service - that means all delivery services need to be tracked within the dispatch timeframe, including auction-style listings and Best Offers.

    These changes are coming into play because as eBay state on the Seller Centre site: "our research has shown that buyers really value free delivery within 3 days of purchase, with full tracking updates to follow exactly where their purchase is, as well as having the option to pay for next day delivery."

    The changes will take affect from June 1st 2018.

    What doesn't qualify?

    'Letter and Large Letter items sent via Royal Mail will not qualify for the eBay Premium Service.'

    How does this impact Royal Mail services?

    'You can still send items via the Royal Mail, but if you currently list with any of the following services then you must amend your listing to ensure you still qualify for eBay Premium Service:
    • Royal Mail 2nd Class (2 to 3 working days)
    • Royal Mail 48 (2 to 3 working days)
    • Royal Mail 1st Class (1 to 2 working days)
    • Royal Mail 24 (1 to 2 working days)'

    Update Listings

    You can use the following guide to help update your listings to reflect your item size.


    Read more about the changes to the eBay Premium Service.
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    Apr 5, 2012
    I'm so glad I got away from eBay, they used to be 100% of my business, now less than 10%. The last laugh was had by me :)
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