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Service Offer eCommerce Order Fulfilment Services UK

Discussion in 'Sourcing & Freight Services' started by Parcelhub.co.uk, Nov 11, 2015.

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  1. Parcelhub.co.uk


    Sep 3, 2015

    Service Location: Nottingham, United Kingdom
    Payment Methods: N/A
    Buyer Liabilities: N/A

    • Package Cost: Depends on your volumes
    Many small but burgeoning eCommerce businesses find themselves at that critical point when a successful sales strategy begins to impact on customer services and further growth.

    The situation is usually heralded by the realisation that the business has outgrown the home office and order fulfilment taken over every waking moment. Customer service is at creaking point and a new way forward has to be found to secure brand reputation and sales.

    Order fulfilment process

    Laura Hunter, founder of online retailer I Love Retro, found herself at that point four years ago. A move to a new house to accommodate new stock and fulfilment was outgrown within 12 months and a new solution had to be introduced to sustain further growth.

    Read eCommerce Fulfilment Case Study

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